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2012 Summer Study Abroad Programs


The deadline for registering for the 2012 Summer Study Abroad Programs is January 31.  Contact us today!

Please Note:  The published cost is subject to change due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and numbers of students participating.


Human Needs in Costa Rica

Destination: Costa Rica Coast to Coast (San Jose, Tortuguero, Sarapiqui, Arenal Region, and Guanacaste)

Program Dates: May 15-23, 2012

Course Offered: CDFR 4500, section 001; CDFR 4500, section 002

Faculty: Bryce Jorgensen, Carmel White

Cost: approximately $3294 (all-inclusive including tuition for 6 s.h., airfare, ground transportation, lodging, all meals, local guide, tips, zip line, white water rafting, kayaking, health insurance)

Come explore beautiful Costa Rica while examining how human needs are met in a culture different from your own. You will learn about two theories to guide your understanding of human needs (i.e., the human ecological theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Using these theories, we will examine childhood poverty and resource management among the Costa Rican people.  In between the learning, we will also hike to waterfalls, have some free time at the beach, and enjoy the fun Costa Rica has to offer! Earn as many as 6 undergraduate or graduate credit hours. Contact Dr. Bryce Jorgensen at 252-737-2074 or and Dr. Carmel White at 252-737-2075 or


Sport in Europe: Exploring European Sport Organizations and Culture

Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland (4 nights) Dublin, Ireland (5 nights) Amsterdam, Netherlands (4 nights)
Program Travel Dates: June 3 – 17, 2011 (online class May 20-June 20)
Courses Offered: EXSS 4003 & EXSS 4301 or EXSS 6500 & EXSS 6803(graduate level)
Faculty:  Stacy Warner, Ph.D.
Cost: $3685 (Includes Lodging, 13 Meals, ground transportation (and flight flight from Edinburgh to Dublin & Dublin to Amsterdam), and tuition for 6 s.h. in or out-of-state)

This course aims to provide an overview of the sport industry in Europe. Students will visit and meet with European sport organizations including professional teams, amateur sport organizations, international sport federations, and corporate sport entities in an effort to better understand organizational and institutional structure, cultural patterns, and the dynamics of European society.  Specifically, the purpose of this course is to examine the organization of sport within European society; the social organization from amateur to professional sport; sport operations in the global economy; and the cultural implications of sports. Earn as many as 6 undergraduate or graduate credit hours. For more details, please contact: Stacy Warner, Ph.D. 252-328-0095,


**An informational meeting will be held November 3, at 8 PM, Minges 143. 


ECU Summer Study in London


Destination:  London, England

Program Dates:  July 9-July 30, 2012

Courses Offered:  ENGL 4550/7350; ENGL 4950/6515

Faculty:  Will Banks, Rick Taylor

Cost:  $2900 + Airfare (Includes Lodging and Tuition for 6 s.h.)


London itself is a text to be explored through the various lenses provided by specialists in different facets of English Studies.  We fuse the acts of reading the products of this multicultural mecca with the experience of exploring its geography, its artifacts, its culture and different forms of entertainment.  Text and context are intertwined.  Faculty members are experienced in teaching, conducting research, and leading study abroad programs in London (combined, the faculty have more than 25 years of experience in leading this program). 


Summer Study Abroad in Argentina


Destination: Cordoba, Argentina

Program Dates:  May 9 - June 30, 2012

Courses:  SPAN 1003, SPAN 1004, (Internships are Possible)

Faculty:  Susana Castano-Schultz

Cost:  $4950 (Includes RT Airfare from Miami to Argentina, Lodging,
Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h., Medical Insurance)


Students and director will spend 7 weeks totally immersed in the language and the culture of Argentina, while living in the heart of the country--Cordoba.  Aside from regular classes, the program features a stay with host families with 2 daily meals included, loads of extracurricular activities (tango lessons, soccer games, horseback riding, theatre, etc.) and a visit to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the birthplace of the tango.  A second trip will take the students to wine country, Mendoza, located at the foot of the Andes Mountains where they will see Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas.  For further information, please contact the director, Susana Castano-Schultz at


An informational meeting is scheduled for November 10 at 6 PM in Bate 1024.


Perspectives in International Community Health Nursing


Destination:  Antigua, Guatemala

Program Dates:  May 20 - June 8, 2012

Courses Offered:  NURS 4220, MPH 6050

Faculty:  Kim Larson and Deby Tyndall

Cost:  $2110 + Airfare (Included is Health Insurance, Tuition for 3 s.h., lodging and meals, 60 hrs one-on-one Spanish lessons, in-country transportation). 


This course introduces students to health care issues and the provision of nursing care with indigent communities in Guatemala, Central America.  Students live with Guatemalan families, study Spanish, and conduct health promotion and service learning projects with Mayan children.  Students participate in cultural rituals, e.g. a Mayan wedding ceremony, cooking techniques, and traditional healing practices.  The two nursing faculty have over thirty years of experience working with Latino populations including the US Peace Corps, Honduras, and numerous international study abroad programs in Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Contact for information. 


Criminal Justice in Paris and London


Destination:  Paris, France, London, UK

Program Dates:  May 15 - 28, 2012

Courses Offered:  Justice 4600, 4403, 6601, 6602

Faculty:  Mark Jones

Cost:  $4385  (Includes Airfare, Lodging, Ground Transportation, Tuition, Health Insurance)


This program will facilitate learning about European justice systems of two of the most influential jurisdictions, through exposure to and interaction with law enforcement officers, members of the judiciary, and the correction agencies of England and France.  Included will be visits to and lectures from several French and English criminal justice officials, including:  Palais de Justice, French National Police Museum, Le Sante Prison, Royal Courts of Justice, and more.  This program is a collaborative program with Dr. Peter Johnstone and students at the University of North Texas.  Contact Dr. Mark Jones:  252-328-4190;


Sustainability in the Netherlands:  Housing, Lifestyle, Technologies, Construction, and More!


Destination:  the Netherlands

Program Dates:  May 6 - May 21, 2012

Courses Offered:  CMGT 4504, CMGT 4505

Faculty:  Dr. Erich Connell, Dr. Anton Van Bakel (NL)

Cost:  $2510 + Airfare (Includes Tuition for up to 6 s.h., Lodging, Some Meals, Ground Transportation, Health Insurance)


How does a small country with limited land and natural resources make so little go so far?  How does this country set the many standards that others emulate in terms of "sustainability" and green living initiatives?  This study abroad program is intended for the serious student of learning to live green, and learning from a variety of perspectives...lifestyles, homes, housing, construction, cities, farms, and more. Students will live in a very unique and distinctly Dutch village of Ravenstein for the base camp and will take excursions to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Arnhem, the Dunes, Middelburg, and Oss. The green experience will have you interact with architects, builders, students and professors from the built environment to learn about the green standards and practices.  The cultural experience will focus on a contemporary Dutch village and will highlight the historic development of the past 600 years, with a guided tour of the village, a visit to the farmlands that supported the village, the traditional windmill, and crafts museum.  Students will live among and shop at the marketplace and will participate in structured educational excursions that are centered on the topic of "sustainability" from multiple points of view with a concentration on housing, homes and buildings.  Free time will be available to make on-optional trip to nearby locations.  Contact Dr. Erich Connel at, and


Agricultural Biotechnology and Chinese Culture


Destination:  China

Program Dates:  May 7 - May 20, 2012

Courses Offered:  Bio 3230/3231, Bio 4504, Bio 4514, Bio 4800, Bio 6504

Faculty:  Baohong Zhang and John Stiller

Cost:  $3500 (Includes Insurance, Tuition, Airfare, Program  Costs, Lodging, Meals, Ground Transportation)


This course offers students the chance to experience advances in agricultural biotechnology in China, as well as Chinese culture.  One goal is to enhance the international experience of ECU faculty and students and to strengthen global competence of US higher education.  The course will be operated through the facilities of the Henan Institute of Sciences and Technology.  Students will be introduced to current field research on agricultural biotechnology with a focus on agriculturally important crops, including cotton, wheat and corn.  The focus will be on understanding the importance of plant biotechnology research to progress on issues of central interest in agriculture, environment and human health. Contact: or



Public Health in Ireland


Destination:  Ireland  (Dublin, 5 nights; Cork, 1 night; Kerry, 3 nights; Bunratty, 1 night)

Program Dates:  May 27 - June 6, 2012

Courses Offered:  HLTH 4800 "Field Studies in International Health" (6 sh) and HLTH 6503 "Independent Study" (grad)

Faculty:  Karen Vail-Smith and Sloane Burke

Cost:  $2800 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Breakfasts and Dinners, Ground Transportation, Excursions, Tuition, Fees and Books)


Ireland, the land of one hundred thousand welcomes, is the perfect study abroad destination.  Her physical beauty is astounding; her culture and history are inspiring, and her people warm and welcoming.  Our 2010 ECU Summer Study Abroad program there was truly life changing for all the participants, and so we return....

While experiencing this glorious country, we will also be exploring the Irish public health system and learning about the health status and problems of the Irish.  Guest faculty from Ireland's major public health agencies and organizations will provide students a comprehensive picture of public health in Ireland.  After a week of site visits to national public health policy makers and service providers, we will venture beyond Dublin to explore the Irish people , history, culture and healthy lifestyle.  In addition to Dubllin, we will stay in Cork, Kerry and Bunratty and visit sites in and around these towns including:  the Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula, Blarney Castle, the Rock of Cashel and others.


All majors are welcome. 

**Students graduating in May are not eligible.


For more information, visit or find us on FaceBook, 2012 Ireland Study Abroad:  ECU & CSUN


A Study of Historic Fashion and English Social History of 1900-1930


Destination:  London, Bath UK and the Queen Mary 2

Program Dates:  June 11 - July 1, 2012

Courses Offered:  THEA 3603, THEA 3333

Faculty:  Jeffrey Phipps and Jill Carlson

Cost:  $4500 (Includes Queen Mary 2, Airfare, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Tuition for 6 sh, and Health Insurance)


The museums and historic homes of England are a treasure trove of information for the study of costume history and English social history of the 19th century.  Having access to primary sources for the study of costuming and being able to experience the physical spaces in which social life was conducted is an incredible opportunity for any study of theatre, art and history.  Jeffery Phipps, the Faculty Director, has been to the UK more than 15 times and has studied and toured extensively in London at the Victoria and Albert Costume Court, the National Portrait Gallery, Kensington Palace Costume Collection and the rebuilt Globe Theatre and in Bath at the world class Museum of Costume.  He will be assisted in the social history aspects of the course by Jill Carlson, a movement specialist, who will discuss and demonstrate movement and physical behavior of various classes of people during the 19th century.  Contact 


Kenya 2012:  Exploring African Religious Systems


Destination:  Kenya

Program Dates:  July 1 - July 15, 2012

Courses Offered:  RELI 2500

Faculty:  Mary Nyangweso Wangila

Cost:  $2924 + Airfare (Includes Tuition for 6 sh, Lodging, Ground Transportation, Excursions, Health Insurance, Some Meals)


In this course students will be exposed to the religions of Africa in a living experience.  Students will be exposed to religious beliefs and experience the religious practices of Kenyans--indigenous religions, Africanized forms of Christianity and Islam.  Students will visit religious sites such as Mount Kenya, a popular religious shrine of the Kikuyu people, learn about African religions of the Great Rift Valley religions, including the Maasai and Samburu initiation rites.  They will learn about the Luo religion, and make a trip to Kogelo villages (President Obama's family home).  Tourist experience will include a visit to Lake Bogoria and a tour of the Maasai Mara ecological sites.  They will also be exposed to service learning opportunities in circumcision communities as well as in an HIV/AIDS orphanage.  Contact


Dublin and Wicklow Study Abroad Program in Irish Literature and Culture


Destination:  Dublin and Ballinderry, Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland

Program Dates:  May 24 - June 17, 2012

Courses Offered:  ENGL 4530, ENGL 4540

Faculty:  Thomas Herron

Cost:  $3200 + Airfare (Includes Most Ground Transportation, Lodging, Most Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., Health Insurance)


The goals of the program are to immerse students in Irish literature, history and culture while living in both Dublin and in a private house in the County Wicklow countryside.  Ireland's cultural wealth is in ample evidence both in its literature and its archaeology.  The program begins and ends in Dublin, a major European metropolis.  Courses will focus on the historical development of Irish culture and letters (including a historical survey of Irish literature and a course on early medieval Ireland), ranging from the prehistoric through the medieval and renaissance and into modernity, including the works of James Joyce and Seamus Heaney.  Outside the classroom, we will visit many museums, archaeological and historic sites and monuments, including prehistoric tombs, castles and monasteries in Counties Meath, Dublin, Wicklow and farther afield.  Contact:



Italy Intensives: Travel in Tuscany 

Destination:  Italy

Summer Program One:  May 11 - May 30, 2012

Summer Program Two:  May 29 - June 17, 2012

Courses Offered:  ART (multiple); COMM (multiple); THEA (multiple)

Faculty:  Linda Darty

Cost:  $3800 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Some Meals, Museums, Tours with Guides, Peformances, All In-Country Transportation, Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 credit s.h.)


Students studying during the 3-week Travel in Tuscany sessions travel in Italy with instructors, staying in shared hostel lodgings in Rome, Florence, Certaldo, Cinque Terre and Venice, while studying art, theatre and/or communication classes.   Classes may meet before, during and after the travel portion of the course and in some cases, projects are completed following travel, due before the beginning of  Fall semester.  Course offerings include Art History, Independent Art Studio electives, Special Topics in Theatre, International News and Feature Writing.  Students earn 3-6 credits taking one or 2 classes.  For more information go to:; and


Summer Study Abroad in Spain, with ILYC & the University of Granada


Destination:  Granada, Spain

Program One Dates:  May 29 - June 30, 2012  (CILE:  80 hrs)

Program Two Dates:  May 29 - June 30 (CILE + extra subject: 100 hrs)

                           :  OR July 1 - July 31

Program Three Dates:  July 1 - July 31 (CILYC: 80 hrs)

Program Four Dates:  May 29 - July 31 (CILE + CILYC: 160 hrs)

Courses:  SPAN 1001-1004; SPAN 2000's, 3000's, 4000's; Internships

Faculty:  Rosa Maria Lopez-Canete


Program One ---$3085 + Airfare 

Program Two ---$3410 + Airfare

Program Three -$3360 + Airfare

Program Four -- $5520 + Airfare

(Prices Include Lodging and Meals, Tuition for 6 - 12 s.h., Medical Insurance, Excursions) 

Students will spend 1 or 2 months totally immersed in the language and the culture of Spain while living in the Southern city of Granada.  The program features, besides regular classes, a stay with Spanish host families with 3 meals included daily, extracurricular activities (tours of the many monuments in Granada like the Alhambra) and an excursion to Seville and Cordoba.  For further information, contact Rosa Lopez-Canete at


2012 College of Business Summer Study Abroad Programs


Come explore with us as we learn about the similarities and differences between the economies, cultures, and history of these three countries.  You will have opportunities to learn about business from the perspective of another nation.  You will also have free days to explore on your own.  Detailed itinerary for each program is available on the College of Business website.  All three programs are open to undergraduate and graduate students. 


Program One:  First Summer Session

Destination:  Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns)

Dates:  Stateside:  May 14-June 5, Australia:  June 6-June 20, 2012

Courses Offered:  MGMT 3352, 4242, 6322, 6802, 4952 and 6500, MIS 3063, 4963, 6143 and 6923; ACCT 4451, MKTG 4972, 4992, 6652, 6992,; OMGT 4763, 6763

Faculty:  Drs. Bello, Seeman, Chen, McMillan, Grubb, and Ms. Fritz

Cost:  $3935+ Airfare (Includes tuition for up to 6 s.h., excursions, including the Great Barrier Reef), all overseas accommodations, and site visits.


Program Two:  Second Summer Session

Destination:  Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Dates:  Stateside:  May 14-June 5; Argentina"  June 21-July5, 2012

Courses Offered:  MGMT 3352, 4242, 6322, 6802, 4952 and 6500; MIS 3063,4963, 6143 and 6923; ACCT 4451,; MKTG 4972, 4992, 6652, 6992; OMGT 4763, 6763

Faculty:  Drs. Bello, Seeman, Chen, McMillan, Grubb, and Ms. Fritz

Cost:  $3995 + Airfare (Includes tuition for up to 6 s.h., Excursions (City Tour) all Overseas Accommodations, and Site Visits (including Google Argentina).


Program Three:  Second Summer Session

Destination:  Netherlands (Nijmegen/Groesbeek)

Dates:  Stateside:  May 14-June 5; Netherlands June 21-July 5, 2012

Courses Offered:  MGMT 3352, 4242, 6322, 6802, 4952 and 6500; MIS 3063, 4963, 6143 and 6923; ACCT 4451, MKTG 4972, 4992, 6652, 6992; OMGT 4763, 6763

Faculty:  Drs. Bello, Seeman, Chen, McMillan, Grubb, and Ms. Gritz

Cost:  $3695 + Airfare (Includes tuition for up to 6 s.h., Excursions (e.g., Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank's House) All Overseas Accommodations, and Site Visits (Including NACCO).


Global and Multicultural Discourse Studies in Belize


Destination: Belize, Central America
Program Dates: July 7-July 22, 2012
Courses Offered: ENGL 3260, 3640, 4360, 4530, 4540, 7350, 6370, 6360, 3380, 3040, 5780, 7705; ETHN 3501, 5500; RELI 2500.003; WOST 3500, 3510
Faculty:  Kirk St Amant and Seodial Frank Deena
Cost:  $2600 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, transportation, activities, and Tuition for 6 s.h.)
Anyone interested in living and studying in a global, multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-lingual society should explore the summer study abroad opportunity in Belize—a small, English Speaking country on the Caribbean Coast of Central America.  It is culturally diverse and historically rich—from the ancient Mayan sites and contemporary Mayan and Latin American and Caribbean cultures to the rich lifestyles of the African-based Garifuna.  Belize’s range of amazing natural attractions, lush tropical forests, splendid waters, majestic mountains, mysterious Maya temples, the world’s second longest and most impressive living barrier reef, three of the Caribbean’s exclusive four coral atolls and a fabulous blend of hospitable and multi-ethnic people are enough to enrich your lives and studies.  Through the examination of issues, cultures, writers and their works, social and economic situations, Belize’s marine and terrestrial ecology, biodiversity, and landscapes and environments, students will gain a unique experience in global, postcolonial, and multicultural perspective of Belize, Latin America, and the Caribbean, producing a rich and universal experience of global, intertextual, interdisciplinary, and multicultural discourse in language, history, culture, religion, literature, and travel.

For more information on the 2012 Summer Study Abroad in Belize, contact Dr. Seodial Deena at (252-328-6683) or Dr. Kirk St Amant (252-737-2530)


Service Learning Study Abroad in Ecuador

Destination:  Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador
Program One:  June 29 - July 14, 2012  (Required)
Program Add-On:  July 15 – July 29, 2012 (Must Take Program One Also)

Courses Offered:  EXSS 4500, 4501, 4502, 6500, 6501 (Other classes/departments may be arranged upon request)
Faculty:  Robert Hickner
Cost:  Program One:  $4500              Program Add-On:  $ 865
(Includes Airfare, Most Ground Transportation, Lodging, Most Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., Health Insurance)

The aim of this course is to provide a platform for service learning. This course is for the adventurous student who seeks active, participatory learning. Students will teach English as a second language to grade-school and high school students, will provide an after-school exercise/activity class for the students, and will participate in volunteer activities to refurbish the facilities at five schools (elementary through high school) in the Bahia area. Students will also receive a minimum of 7 hours per week of Spanish instruction (Spanish language skills are not mandatory, but will likely enhance this study abroad experience). Studies in the field on Ecuadorian culture, education and sport will take place through field trips to sites around Bahia and neighboring communities. Home-stay with Ecuadorian hosts or apartment/hotel stay options. The class should be ideal for students in areas of exercise physiology, physical activity and health promotion, education, psychology, nutrition and linguistics. A 3-6 day trip to the Galapagos Islands may be added to the trip if there is sufficient interest by participants (additional cost). Contact Robert Hickner.


Italy Intensives:  Studio Art in Certaldo

Program Dates:  May 11 - June 15, 2012  (5 Weeks)

Courses Offered:  Metals Survey and Upper Metals Classes, Film Survey, Photography, Italian Cinema (Humanities Credits), Book Arts and Art History, Independent Study Studio Courses in other disciplines that count as art electives

Cost:  $5000


Students on the newly created 5 week Studio Art in Certaldo session, will live in gorgeous apartments in the medieval village of Certaldo Alto in Tuscany, studying art, humanities and art history in our beautiful classroom/studios., with visits to Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Cinque Terre San Gimignano and the Chianti countryside.  For more information go to:


Italy Intensives:  Fall & Spring Semester Programs

Program Length: 90 Days

Cost:  $9850


Earn 12 - 15 credits in Italy while living in beautiful apartments and using our classrooms in Certaldo Alto, a beautiful medieval village, just 1 hour from Florence and Siena.  Classes are offered in a variety of disciplines and may include Italian language, Creative Writing, Film, and Literature, Communication, Art History, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Book Arts and Jewelry Design.  Join fellow ECU classmates taking ECU courses in our beautiful classroom facility in Tuscany.  Price includes lodging/ utilities, meals on school nights, field trips, a semester break program to the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, trains, boats and buses.  This program is a great value and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!  For more information go to  


The Spell of Africa:  Ghana, the Slave Trade, and African American Identity

Destination:  Accra, Elimina, Kumasi and villages in Ghana, West Africa

Program Dates:  July 20- August 3, 2012

Courses Offered:  HIST 5005, 5230, 4533, 3110, 3810, 5660

Faculty:  David Dennard and Kenneth Wilburn

Cost:  $3450 + Airfare (Includes Ground Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., and Health Insurance)


"The Spell of Africa" provides undergraduate and graduate students with an intensive study of Africans in the diaspora with special emphasis on the transatlantic voyage from West Africa to the Americas.  It devotes primary attention to the nation of Ghana, both as a principal center of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and as a place that has figured prominently in the African American search for identity and post-colonial African independence.  Through a broad examination of pertinent literature on Ghana, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and African Americans, coupled with a visit to the modern state of Ghana, students will explore the historical, cultural, and geographical terrain of Africans in West Africa and other diasporic countries. 


Intro to Ancient Greek Theatre Arts


Destination:  Greece:  Athens, Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos

Program Dates:  June 21- July 30, 2012 (Abroad July 16 - July 30)

Courses Offered:  THEA 1000, 3603, 3503; DNCE  3503

Faculty:  Michael Tahaney

Cost:  $1800 + Airfare + Meals (Includes Tuition, Health Insurance, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Excursions, Tours, Live Theatre and Dance Performances)


The Program is a mix of text and play readings, onsite field research, writing, online classroom participation, and journaling.  If you love the arts, architecture, dance, theatre or have a fascination with the history of ancient civilizations, Greece is a must.  Join us on a spectacular journey back to the cradle of civilization and theatre.  Contact


Panama Terrestrial Tropical Ecology


Destination:  Gamboa, Panama

Program Dates:  July 12 - 27, 2012

Courses Offered:  BIOL 4400,4504, 6850/6860, 6504

Faculty:  Kyle Summers, Susan McRae

Cost:  $3850 (Includes Airfare, Ground Transportation, Lodging, All Meals in Panama,  Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


This course offers students the chance to experience the biological diversity of the tropical forest in Panama, Central America.  The course will be operated through the facilities of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to observe and participate in tropical field research while living at a world-class tropical research facility used by tropical biologists from around the world.  Students will be introduced to current field research on tropical animals, with a focus on terrestrial vertebrates.  Students will observe ongoing research on a number of classic systems firsthand (e.g. Heliconius butterflies, Tungara frogs, leaf-cutter ants), and will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on field research into issues of central interest in ecology and evolutionary biology, such as sexual selection, aposematism, mimicry, and biodiversity.  Contact: or


Panama Marine Ecology Program


Destination:  Galeta and San Blas, Panama

Program Dates:  June 25 - July 11, 2012

Courses Offered:  BIOL 4500, 4504, 6850/6860, 6504

Faculty:  Joseph Luczkovich

Cost:  $3900 (Includes Airfare, Lodging, Most Meals, Ground Transportation, Boat Use Fees, Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


The Marine Field Ecology Summer Program will introduce undergraduate students to the major marine ecosystems and communities of the tropics and will provide practical experience with marine ecology field research.  The course will be intensive and field oriented, covering the coral reef, mangrove, and seagrass ecosystems of the world.  Swimming and snorkeling will be required.  Graduate student teams with varying backgrounds will examine applications of scientific data to specific coastal issues of concern to coastal management agencies and private sector organizations.  Contact:


Tavern of the Seas:  The Maritime and Urban Heritage of Pre-and Post-Apartheid Cape Town, South Africa


Destination:  Cape Town, South Africa

Program Dates:  July 2 - 16, 2012

Courses Offered:  HIST 3110, 3810, 3820, 4531/4532/4533, 5005, 5230, 5660, 6992

Faculty:  David Dennard, Lynn Harris, and Kenneth Wilburn

Cost:  $3995 + Airfare (Includes Ground Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., and Health Insurance)


This program is an intensive study of the maritime and urban heritage of pre- and post-apartheid Cape Town, South Africa.  Through a survey of core readings, on-site lecture presentations, coupled with visits to select places of historic import and field research on the beached shipwrecks of the "Thomas Tucker" and "Kakapoa", students will explore the geographical, maritime, socio-cultural, and political history of Cape Town as well as the broad story of South Africa generally.  This international experience on the Mother Continent---in one of the world's most fascinating, diverse, and beautiful cities---will contribute significantly to the homocentric character and global education of our students.  Through their course of study and overall experience abroad, they will invariably discover some new dimensions of their own humanity and also its shared, inter-relatedness with the humanity of South Africans and other ethnic groups in the region.  In the main, of course, studying major themes of the maritime and urban heritage of Cape Town, and actually crisscrossing-crossing the Atlantic Ocean, will undoubtedly be both a defining educational event and a very special transformational moment in the lives of ECU students.  All ECU-registered undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply.  Non-ECU students may also participate, provided they register as visiting students at ECU. 


Summer Study Abroad In India 2012


Destination:  India

Program Dates:  May 15 - June 19, 2012

Courses Offered:  RELI 2500, 2692,2693, 3692, 3930, 4500, 5000; PHIL 5533

Faculty:  Derek Maher

Cost:  $2700 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


This course will explore some of the relationships between religion and culture in a living context.  Students will visit a variety of key cultural and religious sites in India, including the Jama Masjid, the Bahai Temple, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges River, the Golden Temple, and various Hindu Temples in Varanasi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh, as well as a variety of Buddhist sites through the Dharamsala region.  These sites are sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Bahais.  Through readings, on-site lectures, and their own experience, students will learn the significance of these locations.  They will also discover how adherents to these different faiths encounter their own sacred territory and how their cultural forms intersect with these spaces.  In Rishikesh, students will receive traditional training in yoga from a Hindu master.  In the Dharamsala region in northern India, students will learn Buddhist meditation from a Tibetan teacher.  The group will learn about a non-governmental organization called Tong-Len (  This organization is a Buddhist service organization with the primary mission of serving internally displaced Hindu members of the community.  There will be volunteer opportunities to work with the poor children in the community.  Students will also visit various Tibetan cultural institutions including the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Norbu Lingka, and various monasteries.  Contact


Study Abroad in International Sustainability


Destination::  N. Queensland, Australia

Program Dates:  May 14 - June 8, 2012

Faculty:  Dr. Paige Schneider

Courses Offered:  RCLS 4123

Cost:  $4800 + Airfare (Includes Some Meals, Health Insurance, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


This study abroad program will examine the natural (and related social) history and environmental conservation of North Queensland, Australia.  Our program will focus on topics related to sustainable management (sustaining human societies and the natural environment in industrialized nations) through educational travel, field trips, active participation, lecture presentations and seminars, and coursework exercises.  Students will take part in lectures and research projects occurring on the Great Barrier Reef, in the Outback of Northwest Queensland, and in the Daintree Rainforest.  Sustainable management is critical to the ecosystems found in each.  The course integrates Australian land and marine management policies with cultural and historical practices of the Aboriginal clans which occupy each of these areas.  The course also explores the role of tourism in the Australian economy, and how tourism and its impacts can be sustained to minimize impacts on the cultural and natural resources of N. Queensland.