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If you own or manage a lodging, restaurant, park, entertainment or other travel-oriented business, the NC GreenTravel website will provide you with information to help you become more competitive in the green travel arena.Whether your facility is in the mountains, the piedmont, or the coastal area of North Carolina, we can help you go green and save green!

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For more information contact Tom Rhodes at the NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach at (919) 707-8140, or Alex Naar the CST's Director of Outreach at (252) 737-1346

Jackson County Green Energy Park

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Sustainable Tourism Practices in North Carolina


Jackson County Green Energy Park


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management and Reduction

Methane is prevented from escaping into the environment, instead it is captured, burned off, and used to heat blacksmith kilns. Also, on site greenhouses are heated with the methane gas from underneath, reducing the overall amount of energy needed to heat them.

Solid Waste Management, Reduction, Reuse and Recycling

On site greenhouses were donated from a local area farmer. The used greenhouses were disassembled and transported to the site.

Freshwater Consumption Reduction

Once operational, the greenhouses contain a gutter system that will allow for rainwater reuse.

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management

By capturing waste heat from kilns and furnaces, overall energy consumption is reduced.

Land Use Planning and Management

From the methane gas to the reuse of previously existing buildings, no material previously found on site goes unused.

Air Quality Production and Noise Reduction

Odors are eliminated from the air through the capture and reuse of methane gas.

Preserving the Social Norms and Cultures of Local and Indigenous Communities

In keeping with the tradition of the local arts and crafts scene, local artisans can use the work area to practice their craft at a reduced price.

Providing Economic Benefits to Local and Indigenous Communities

Once fully operational, JCGEP will provide an additional 20 jobs to the local area. By offering reduced start-up and energy costs to an already flourishing arts and crafts community, they will be providing encouragement to new artisans to practice their individual crafts.

Training and Education for Employees and Clients

Clientele receive hands-on demonstrations of renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainable building materials.

401 Grindstaff Cove Road

Sylva, NC 28779

Phone: 828-631-0271


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