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To see a PowerPoint introducing RETI, click here.


The Renewable Energy in Tourism Initiative (RETI) facilitates the expansion of sustainable energy practices among members of the travel and tourism industry. The initiative is a joint venture of the Center, the University of Colorado Energy Initiative, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Miles Media, Inc.


RETI has two key objectives:

  • Provide support for tourism businesses in the form of research, education, technical assistance, and case studies in energy conservation and application of renewable energy technologies to improve business performance.
  • Establish a permanent renewable energy and tourism university program which will host regular conferences, workshops, forums, field trips, and courses to cultivate new innovation in the field of renewable energy and communicate these opportunities to current and future members of the tourism industry.


Online Workshops

Along with corporate sponsor Miles Media, Inc., RETI hosts a webinar series for tourism businesses and support organizations. These webinars explain renewable energy options, steps every tourism organization can take to reduce energy bills, and the latest market research on green-minded travelers and sustainable tourism trends.


Best Practice Manuals

For the first stage of the project, RETI has published a set of six manuals outlining current best practices in the use of renewable energy among the tourism industry. These Best Practice Manuals feature industry leaders that have adopted cutting-edge practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and provide information and guidance to businesses of all sizes interested in realizing these benefits. Through the use of case studies, each manual outlines renewable energy adoption strategies that maximize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, result in cost savings or increased profitability, and improve the sustainability brand within the marketplace across these six tourism sectors.


Literature Review

A literature review of the scientific research reported on energy practices and sustainable energy technologies within the tourism industry is available.


Technical Assistance

RETI is establishing a technical team of graduate students who can provide cutting-edge solutions and practices in renewable energy to small and mid-size tourism businesses in a time-sensitive fashion.


Research Services

RETI encourages and supports faculty and student research on implementation and management strategies in renewable energy applications in the tourism industry.


Global Summit

A high-profile global conference will be hosted at the culmination of an extended series of online workshops.