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Along with corporate sponsor Miles Media, Inc., RETI hosts a webinar series for tourism businesses and support organizations. These webinars explain renewable energy options, steps every tourism organization can take to reduce energy bills, and the latest market research on green-minded travelers and sustainable tourism trends.


For more information on the RETI Webinars, contact Alex Naar at or 252-737-1346.


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Score Big: Energy Efficiency in Collegiate Sports

November 27, 2012


Speakers | Slides


This installment discusses energy efficiency in collegiate sports facilities and venues. During the webinar, guest experts will discuss the current state of sustainability in collegiate sports, barriers to improving sustainability, and strategies you can use to help green your sports facilities.


Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jonathan Casper, Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University

Mr. Dave Newport, Director of the Environment Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Putting the Wind in Your Sales: Wind Energy and Tourism

August 29, 2012


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This installment discusses the impact of wind energy on tourism, with a special focus on coastal tourism. Guest experts discuss the impact of wind turbines on coastal tourism as well as how on-site wind turbines can be used as an educational tool and for STEM-based curriculum education programs at tourism attractions. 


Guest Speakers:

Dr. Craig Landry, Associate Professor of Economics and Assistant Director of Center for Natural Hazards Research at ECU

Mike Remige, Director, Jennette’s Pier, NC Aquariums Division

Getting There Greener: Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Tourism

April 24, 2012


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Recording  |  Questions


This installment looks at alternative fuel usage for ground transportation and its relationship to tourism. In addition to discussing alternative fuel technology, this webinar will also discuss how attractions and accommodations can and are becoming a part of the alternative fuel movement.


Guest Speakers:

Stan Cross, BioWheels RTS Co-Founder, Principal of Advocacy and Outreach

Lyle Estill, Piedmont Biofuels Co-founder, Author


Cheers! A Toast to Renewable Energy Use in Breweries and Wineries

January 24, 2012


Reader Speakers  |  Slides  |   Recording  |  Questions 


This installment focuses on ways to plan and implement the use of renewable energy at wineries and breweries. These methods include Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's usage of solar power, energy generation through biogas, and the implementation of hydrogen fuel cells. Details of Cogenra Solar's combination of photovoltaic electricity with hot water generation comprises the second half of the webinar. 


Guest Speakers:

Mandi McKay, Assistant Sustainability Director for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Kate Sherwood, Vice President of Sales for Cogenra Solar


Sustainable Meetings and Events: Becoming a Responsible Host

October 18, 2011


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides Questions 


Explore how to green your next meeting or event with our two guest speakers. The first session features Jimmy Hunt, Founder and President of Yellow Dog Entertainment, who will address renewable energy issues at Music on the Mountaintop. In the second session, John Crawford, co-founder and CEO of Auburn AV, will discuss renewable energy use in the audio/visual industry.


Guest Speakers:

Jimmy Hunt, Founder & President of Yellow Dog Entertainment

John Crawford, Co-Founder & CEO of Auburn AV


Selling your Green to Make Some Green

May 26, 2011


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Questions 


Learn how to market your business or organizations sustainable actions from the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. Gain insight into the "Sustainability Revolution" with four key sustainability drivers that will encourage travelers to buy green.


Guest Speakers:

Neil Gurney, Founding Partner of Integritive²

Catherine Morton, Marketing Director with Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation


The Utility of Utility Programs

February 14, 2011


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |   Recording  |  Questions 


Learn more about energy efficiency and renewable energy financing through incentives, tax credits, and utility programs.


Guest Speakers:

Richard Harkrader, CEO & Founder of Carolina Solar Energy

Kevin Franklin, Program Manager with Duke Energy Smart $aver Incentive Program


Energy Efficient Lighting Going Beyond Compact Florescent Bulbs

December 8, 2010


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Recording  |  Questions  


Learn the importance of both the environmental and financial benefits of installing energy efficient LED lighting systems into tourist accommodations.


Guest Speakers:

Richard Lloyd-Roberts, Vice President of Sales for Eco-Revolution

Chris Maddern, Manager & Client Development with Summit Energy Systems


Energy Measurement: The Key to Energy Success

September 2, 2010


Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Recording  |  Questions 


In Session 1 learn the importance of energy audits and energy measurement are for the tourism industry. Session 2 is on exploring energy use and energy management software for tourist accommodations


Guest Speakers:

John Meeks, President of Apple Blossom Insulators

Colin and Deanna Crossman, Owners of The King's Daughters Inn, Durham NC


Dollars and Cents of Renewable Energy in Tourism

May 20, 2010


Flyer  |  Reader  |  Speakers  |  Slides l  Recording Questions 


Explore the financial issues for renewable energy projects at accommodations and attractions including financing options, expected ROI's of various renewable energy systems, and new ways to improve a systems ROI or payback period.


Guest Speakers:

Tim Gasper, Soulutions Engineer with Trane

Joanna Malcolm, Communications Director for FLS Energy


Renewable Energy and Tourism Overview

February 11, 2010


Flyer  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Reference Sheet  |  Questions   


Experts discuss renewable energy options for the tourism industry, such as photovoltaic and geothermal technology. Learn steps every tourism organization can take to start reducing their energy bills and increase profits by examining the latest market research on green-minded travelers and sustainable tourism trends.


Guest Speakers:

Martha Gettys, Business Development Manager with NC GreenPower

Chris Metzler, President of Verde Evolution

Jim Wood, Marketing Manager Alternative Energy Concepts

Connecting Sustainable Energy and Tourism

November 3 & 12, 2009


Flyer  |  Speakers  |  Slides  |  Questions 


Discover the difference between purchasing and producing renewable energy. Learn how any tourism business or organization can start right away to reduce their operating costs by increasing their energy efficiency. There are methods to determine if investing is right for your business and what renewable energy system best fits your needs. Also learn how to avoid greenwashing and other common renewable energy marketing mistakes but still capture the growing number of green-minded tourists.


Guest Speakers:

Martha Gettys, Business Development Manager with NC GreenPower

Chris Metzler, President of Verde Evolution

Jim Wood, Marketing Manager with Alternative Energy Concepts

Chris Adams, Director of Online Marketing with Miles Media Group