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For more information contact Tom Rhodes at the NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach at (919) 707-8140, or Alex Naar the CST's Director of Outreach at (252) 737-1346

Research Act- Work in Progress

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Research Activities:

Work in Progress


Intro  | Articles  Abstracts  |  Case Studies  |  Occasional Papers  |  Research Reports  | Conference Proceedings  |  Grants Submitted  Work in Progress

Work in Progress

  • Linking Sense of Place with a Sense of Care among Property Owners in an Amenity-Rich Mountain County in North Carolina. Hao, H., Alderman, D. & Long, P. (in preparation).     
  • Measuring Property Owners' Perceptions of Sustainable Tourism in a Coastal Resort Community. Hao. H. & Long, P. (in preparation).         
  • Measuring Property Owners' Perceptions on Sustainable Tourism in a Coastal Resort Community. Hao. H. & Long, P. (in revision).        
  • Socially Responsible Marketing and the Visibility of African Americans in State Travel Guide Photographs: A Look at the American South. Alderman, D. & Antahades, M. (in preparation).        
  • Making Mount Airy into Mayberry: Media, Tourism, and Place Identity.  Alderman, D. & Benjamin, S. (in preparation).         
  • Attitudes of Resident and Second Home Property Owners to Climate Change Considerations and Their Effects on Future Property Values in Coastal Counties. Long, P., Hao, H. and Curtis, S. Abstract submitted to 19th International Congress of Biometeorology.        
  • Graffiti Heritage: Civil War Memory in Virginia. Moreau, Terri and Derek H. Alderman. Book chapter for Geography and Memory: Explorations in Identity, Place, and Becoming, edited by Owain Jones and Joanne Garde-Hansen, to be published by Palgrave (under review).         
  • Re-examining the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Toward a Empathetic Pedagogy of the Civil Rights Movement. Alderman, D., Kingsbury, P., & Dwyer, O. Professional Geographer. (under review).         
  • Southern Plantation Museums as Emotional, Urban Frontiers. Modlin, E. A. Jr. & Alderman, D. Book chapter for Plantation Modernity, edited Jeremy Wells and Amy Clukey, to be published by University of Georgia Press (in preparation).        
  • Factors affecting tourism entrepreneurship in the North Carolina Mountains. Kline, C., Swanson, J. & Milburn, L.A. Journal of Rural Tourism Challenges and Trends. (under review).        
  • Paddler perspectives on paddle trail funding strategies. Kline, C., Cardenas, D., Duffy, L. & Swanson, J. Submitted to the Journal of Sustainable Tourism in August, 2010; resubmitted in March 2011 (under review).        
  • Development of visitor identity through exploring the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the concept of African Diaspora in Ghana. Boone, K., Kline, C., Johnson, L., Milburn, L.A., & Rieder, K. Submitted to Tourism Analysis for special issue focusing on Diaspora, Heritage and Tourism in December, 2011 (under review).
  • Attitudes towards women-owned tourism businesses in Ayampe, Ecuador. Beedle, J., Kline, C., Cardenas, D. & Byrd, E. Annals of Tourism Research (in preparation).
  • Tourism Impacts and Second Home Development in Coastal Communities: A Sustainable Approach.  Long, P.,  Hao, H., Knollenberg, W. Landry, C. (Economics) and Crawford, T. (Geography).
  • Employers' and Managers' Perception of Drilled Oil Risks for Coastal North Carolina's Tourism-Impacted Businesses and Organizations. (In partnership with the Departments of Sociology and English).  Hao, H., Knollenberg, W., Smith, C., Wilson, K., Kain, D., Powers, R. and Long, P.
  • Reducing Liability: An Assessment of Agritourism Practices. (In partnership with the NC Agromedicine Institute).  Kline, C., Tutor, R., Arnold, S. and Long, P.
  • Toolbox for crisis communications: Checklists and best practices. Long, P., Hao, H., & Kain, D. With the Dexter Koehl Group, LLC. For the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
  • North Carolina Woodland Indian tribes: Documentation and comparative analysis of tribal 'sense of place.' Sweet, R., & Carawan, L.
  • Impacts of climate on recreation and tourism businesses. Curtis, S., Arrigo, J., Long, P., & Jessop, S.
  • Strategic planning for destination marketing/management organizations: Sustainability as a core competency. Obenour, B.
  • Climate indices for tourism: Assessing the climate conditions and trends for North Carolina tourism and their relationship to economic activity. Arrigo, J. & Curtis, S.
  • Placement of wind turbines and recreation preferences in coastal areas. Landry, C., & Allen, T.
  • Climate, weather and tourism--Issues and opportunities: Framing a research agenda. Curtis, S., Arrigo, J., Covington, R., & Long, P. (Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, and Center for Sustainable Tourism).
  • Wind turbines and recreation demand. Landry, C. (Economics).
  • Assessing sustainable practices in the North Carolina tourism industry. Naar, A., Lancaster, M., Hao, H., & Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism; Center for Survey Research; and Office of Engagement, Innovation, and Economic Development).
  • Assessment of degree of interest in certification of green practices within the North Carolina tourism industry. Naar, A., Lancaster, M., Hao, H., & Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism; Center for Survey Research; and Office Engagement, Innovation, and Economic Development).
  • Quantification of sustainability: A look at carbon footprint assessment. Willson, S. (Biology), Hao, H., & Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism).
  • Quantification of economic impact of "hub and spoke" tour program in NC Northeast Commission. Kleckley, J. (Bureau of Business Research), Hao, H., & Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism).
  • Attitudes and preferences toward "green" practices within North Carolina's hospitality industry. Weber, M. (Hospitality Management), Chandler, J. (Hospitality Management), & Oliver, J. (Business).
  • Tourist climate perceptions: Developing a climate-tourism index for North Carolina's Outer Banks. Curtis, S. (Atmospheric Science/Geography), Arrigo, J. (Atmospheric Science/Geography), and Covington, R. (Graduate Student/Geography).
  • Effects of format and wording of questionnaire instruments on response rate and response quality in community tourism research. Wright, B. (Business).
  • Impacts of tourism on resident assessment of community life. Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism), Kleckley, J. (Bureau of Business Research), Hao, H. (Center for Sustainable Tourism), Wright, B. (Business), Vogelsong, H. (Recreation and Leisure Studies), Baucom, K. (Geography), and Lysenko, T. (Recreation and Leisure Studies).
  • What makes a community a tourism-impacted place? A spatial and economic perspective. Hao, H., & Long, P. (Center for Sustainable Tourism).
  • Developing community-sponsored agro-business for economic growth in eastern North Carolina. Chandler, J. (Hospitality Management), Kempf, R. (Physics), & Messina, J. (Graduate Student/Geography).
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