Academic Outreach
DIGITAL ARCHIVE -- Technology Advancement Center



The Technology Advancement Center is an environment and beta test site for discovering, testing and applying new technology, and for discovering new ways to apply existing technology to improve communication, teaching, learning, and organizational effectiveness.  A significant amount of our research is concerned with distance, mobile, and hybrid eLearning.


We also strive to look to the future serving as a champion applying breakthrough technology to create new opportunities with alliance partners in a wide range of disciplines and interest areas.  These initiatives normally begin with research and result in pilot projects to test the innovation in a specific environment.  The goal of all of these projects is to find a better way, to advance technology which is cost effective, efficient, and has scalability beyond the life of the pilot.


Often this mission is achieved by our Research Associates working alone, with other staff members in the Center, with others in the Office of Academic Outreach or other units on campus, or with external alliance partners.  The composition of these project teams depends on the nature and complexity of each initiative. 

Value added by the TAC includes:


  • Up-to-date research on selected technology solutions -- hardware and software, meshing performance criteria with solutions, leading to testing and selection of appropriate technology.
  • Identification of new technology and evaluation through initial pilot testing.
  • Implementation of proven computer-based elearning software solutions for building community, improving interaction, collaboration, and problem solving.
  • Technology diffusion center providing data on technology being tested prior to consideration for broad implementation.   
  • Staff of Institutional Research Board certified faculty, staff, and Research Associates interested in collaborating with others to advance opportunities through technology to university and external alliance partners.