TechMath: Real World Math, Technology and Business Connections
TechMath: Key Staff



1.      Ernest Marshburn, PI, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Research & Graduate Studies, ECU. He has 27 years experience in IT and educational leadership in academic computing, external funding, strategic, planning, national initiatives, multi-university/governmental/intra-agency collaborations, business partnerships, and research. His partnership efforts include SC, UCAID, CASC, the NCSA Alliance, and National Centers of Excellence. He has been the Executive Director on an ECU hosted NSF Teacher Enhancement Award.


2.      Beth Eckstein, Co-PI, Project Staff, Director, Center for Economic Education in the College of Business. Eckstein has worked with teachers for over 20 years, incorporating economics into their curricula and using mathematical tools to solve business and economics problems. She will assist teachers with TechMath instructional module design and provide on-site and online instructional support. She will observe instruction, participate in TechMath team interviews, and provide formative assessment to the program staff and external evaluator.


3.      John Parker, Co-PI, Former Superintendent, Roanoke Rapids School System. Parker has extensive experience creating partnerships between secondary school systems and business partners and has served as a PI on other externally funded projects. His background as a high school mathematics teacher and school administrator allows him to serve as an effective liaison between teachers and school administrators.


4.     Ron Preston, Co-PI, Chair, Department of Mathematics & Science Education. Preston taught high school mathematics and at the university has a wealth of experience in mathematical modeling, teaching in-service and pre-service teachers, and research, particularly on teacher change and the development of curricula. He has served as a PI, co-PI, or key contributor on many externally funded projects, including several NSF grants. He currently serves on the management team for the NSF/DOE NC-PIMS Project.


5.      Rose Sinicrope, Co-PI, Associate Professor, teaches undergraduate/graduate mathematics education courses. She has worked on two state-supported career transition programs for secondary mathematics teaching (one from STEM military careers). She was a co-PI for an Eisenhower-funded program to support K-12 teachers in integrating mathematics and art instruction and served as lead evaluator on two NSF-funded professional development programs for teachers to support implementation of standards-based mathematics curricula.


6.      Libero Bartolotti, Project Staff, Professor of Chemistry. Bartolotti has extensive experience developing Web-based mathematics tutorials for teachers. While at the NC SuperComputing Center (NCSC) he was involved with NC Superquest where he developed computational chemistry/visualization courses. He has developed web-based computational and visualization tutorials in use internationally.


7.      Ken Flurchick, Project Staff, Professor of Physics and PI on the NSF Regional Training Center for Parallel Processing Metacenter, the OSC component of Earthvision 2000, and EPA high school computational science program. Participated in NC SuperQuest, NSF CT-TEAM TE award, and EPA Earthvision & Earthvision 2000 programs. He has expertise in computational science, physics, chemistry, visualization, web tools, and distance learning.


8.     Bethany Hudnutt, Project Staff, Interactivate Project Manager at Shodor.  Working for Shodor since 2000, Bethany works to actively promote the use of computing technologies for the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Specializing in user interface design, Bethany has been with Shodor since 2000 and holds an M.S. degree in mathematics education from North Carolina State University. Other background experience includes teaching high school mathematics and research and development within the standardized testing industry


9.     Claudia Jolls, Project Staff, Associate Professor of Biology, is a UNC Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching and a Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21th Century with several NSF REU awards. She has more than 20 years of experience working with students in quantitative plant science, ecology, science and mathematics education, including interdisciplinary science and mathematics courses at the university-level.


10.    Rhea Miles, Diversity Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Science Education. Miles has extensive experience in equity issues, has directed projects for 6-12 grade students from diverse populations, and conducts research on women and African Americans in science. Her knowledge concerning the impact of educational environment on underserved groups in STEM-related fields will be used in the participant selection process.


11.    Robert Panoff, Project Staff, Executive Director of The Shodor Education Foundation. He has been a national laboratory consultant and presenter at NSF workshops on visualization, supercomputing, and networking. He is a program consultant for NCSA and on the advisory panel for the NSF Applications of Advanced Technology. Panoff has had many successful NSF grants. The Shodor Foundation was named as an NSF Foundation Partner ('96).


12.    Ravi Paul, Project Staff, Decision Sciences Professor in the College of Business, with an undergraduate degree in engineering. Ravi brings two skills to TechMath: (1) understanding how Information Technology is integrated into and enhances business decisions and productivity and (2) understanding how engineering and computational science can be used to solve real-world business problems.


13.    Keith Williamson, Project Staff, Professor of Engineering with 20 years of experience in materials science and design. He was PI on two NSF projects: (1) heat transfer from plastic flow during Friction Stir Welding and (2) a GK-12 project that put science and engineering graduate students in 4th and 5th grade classrooms as content resources for teachers. TechMath draws on his strengths in promoting IT literacy and STEM careers.