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Planning to Transfer

Key Things to Consider Before You Transfer

Failing to plan is a plan for failure.

A key to successfully transferring from one college or university to another is proper planning. As you contemplate transferring to ECU or any other institution, there are several important things you should keep in mind.

Before you apply to transfer, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I talked to my current academic advisor or transfer counselor about transferring?
  2. Do I understand the North Carolina Tuition Surcharge legislation and how it impacts me?
  3. Have I reviewed ECU's transfer admission requirements?
  4. Does ECU offer the major I am interested in?
  5. Will the courses I've taken at my current university or college transfer into my intended major at ECU?
  6. Are there any courses I need to complete before I transfer?
  7. Have I reviewed the cost of attending ECU?