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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13

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Undergraduate Courses


OCCT: Occupational Therapy

3000. Exploring Occupational Therapy (3) (F,S,SS)
Foundation for understanding occupational therapy. History, common work settings and clients, language, and skills required to become a successful occupational therapist.

OMGT: Operations Management

3123. Operations and Supply Chain Management (3) (F,S,SS)
P: MATH 2228 or 2283; MIS 2223. Organizations as integrated systems and as members of integrated supply chains. Designing, planning, and controlling operating systems and managing of supply chains to achieve global competitive advantage. Application of quantitative techniques to organizational and supply chain management problems.
3223. Business Decision Modeling (3) (F,S,SS)
P: Minimum grade of C in MIS 2223, MATH 1066 or 2119 or 2121 or 2171, 2283. Managerial problem solving and decision making skills using quantitative methods and computer skills.
3843, 3853. Topics in Operations Management (1,2) (F,S)
P: Consent of dept chair. Selected topics of contemporary interest in operations management.
4293. Statistical Analysis (3) (F,S)
Registration preference given to declared majors with a minimum 2.5 GPA. P: MATH 1066 or 2119 or 2121 or 2171, 2283. Statistical hypothesis tests, simple and multiple linear regression and correlation, nonparametric methods, and analysis of variance.
4383. Supply Chain Systems (3) (S)
P: OMGT 3123. Application of technology to three key aspects of a supply chain’s competitive advantage: product design, product demand estimation, and supply chain systems analysis.
4493. Quality Management (3) (F)
P: OMGT 3123. Quality management principles and applications in business enterprises. Topics include quality strategy and organization; international issues; supply chain quality; decision-making; cost of quality; quality planning; improvement of product, process and service, including statistical process control and capability; and other basic techniques for quality improvement.
4733. Project Management (3) (F,S)
P: OMGT 3123. Concepts and technology of project management as applicable to wide range of business and technical situations. Focus on behavioral and organizational aspects as well as quantitative methods and computer systems in project management.
4743. Logistics and Materials Management (3) (F)
P: OMGT 3123. Logistics and Materials management as supporting functions of supply chain management. Specific topics include manufacturing planning and control, lean operations, materials handling, inventory flow, warehousing, packaging, purchasing, transportation and physical distribution.
4763. Strategic Supply Chain Management (3) (S)
P: OMGT 3123. Concepts in supply chain management and its role in global markets. Coverage focuses on analyzing supply chains, creating supplier networks, and evaluating the performance of a supply chain, with consideration of the role of information technology, ERP, e-procurement, e-commerce, and B2B technologies.
4863. Topics in Operations Management (3) (F,S,SS)
Intended primarily for declared concentrations. P: Consent of dept chair. Advanced topics of contemporary interest in operations management.
4893. Cooperative Education (0) (F,S)
P: Consent of dept chair. Topics to supplement regular curriculum.
OMGT Banked Courses
4393. Forecasting and Statistics for Operations Analysis (3) Formerly DSCI 4393
4633. Management Science II (3) Formerly DSCI 4633
4723. Production Planning and Control (3) Formerly DSCI 4723