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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13

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Undergraduate Courses


LATN: Latin

1001. Latin Level I (3)
First of two-semester sequence. Training in principles of Latin grammar. Emphasis on reading skills. Correct pronunciation, but no other oral skills. All communication in English.
1002. Latin Level II (3)
P: Placement by examination; LATN 1001; or consent of instructor. Second of two-course sequence. Completion of basic skills of Latin grammar. Elementary readings introduced and adjusted to student’s level.
1003. Latin Level III (3)
P: Placement by examination; LATN 1002; or consent of instructor. Intensive review and application of basic skills of grammar acquired in LATN 1001-1002. Development of reading skills through selected works of major authors such as Cicero or Caesar.
1004. Latin Level IV (3)
P: Placement by examination; LATN 1003; or consent of instructor. Continued development of reading skills and introduction to critical approaches to literature. Readings in poetry of major author such as Vergil, Catullus, or Ovid.
3001. Age of Cicero (3) Formerly LATN 2021
P: LATN 1004 or consent of instructor. Literary and historical portrait of Rome from 133-44 BC. Readings in Latin from prose of Cicero, Caesar, and Sallust, and poetry of Lucretius and Catullus.
3002. Age of Augustus (3) Formerly LATN 2022
P: LATN 3001 or consent of instructor. Literary and historical portrait of Rome from 44 BC-14AD. Readings in Latin from poetry of Vergil, Horace, Ovid, and Propertius, and prose selections from “Res Gestae” and other works.
3330. Latin Prose Composition (3)
RP: LATN 3001. Advanced instruction in Latin grammar and style through daily translation from English into Classical Latin prose.
3700. Selected Topics in Latin (3)
P: LATN 3001 or consent of instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 s.h. with change of topic. Selected topics relating to Latin texts of the literature, culture, or civilization of the ancient Mediterranean world.
4001. Silver Age Latin Literature (3) Formerly LATN 3021
P: LATN 3002 or consent of instructor. Literary and historical portrait of Rome in first and second centuries AD. Readings in Latin from prose of Seneca, Suetonius, Tacitus, Quintilian, and Pliny the Younger, and poetry of Petronius, Lucan, and Apuleius.
4002. Roman Drama (3) Formerly LATN 3022
P: LATN 4001 or consent of instructor. Roman drama with readings in Latin from comedies of Plautus and Terence and tragedies of Seneca.
4521, 4522, 4523. Directed Readings in Latin (1,2,3)
May be repeated. P: Consent of instructor. In-depth exploration of selected aspect of Roman culture (literature, civilization, etc.).

LDSP: Leadership

1000. Introduction to Leadership Studies (3)
Survey of leadership theory and practice.
4000. Leadership Studies Capstone Seminar (3)
Interdisciplinary synthesis of leadership theories and concepts and their applicability to leadership in a variety of contexts.

LDVP: Leadership Development

3000. Washington Experience (3) (F,S,SS)
P: Nomination by student’s dean or chair. Seminar, variable topics course taught in Washington D.C. Enrollment limited to students participating in the UNC in Washington Program.
3401, 3402, 3403. Seminar in Leadership Development (1,2,3) (S)
P: Nomination by student’s dean or chair. Series of seminars acquaint students with variety of leadership experiences and patterns. Each seminar led by thought leader from different area of society.

LIBS: Library Studies

1000. Research Skills for Electronic and Print Resources (1) (F,S,SS)
University electronic and print information sources.
3102. Research Sources and Techniques (3) (WI)
Selection and research of topics in are of student’s academic interests in general and major areas through reference and nonreference materials.
3200. The Art of Storytelling (3) (S)
Selection, adaptation, evaluation, and use of storytelling in professions such as human services, business, education, recreation, health care, and entertainment. Emphasis on storytelling performance for audiences of all ages.
4950. Literature for Children (3) (WI) (S)
May not count toward foundations curriculum literature requirement or as advanced elective for ENGL majors. Literature for children from early childhood through junior high school.
LIBS Banked Courses
2123. Early Experiences for the Prospective Teacher (1)
4323. School Media Specialist in Grades K-12 (3)
4324. Observation and Supervised Participation as a School Media Specialist (8)