Division of Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13

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Department of Geography

Burrell E. Montz, Professor and Chair
(BA, Mary Washington College; MS, Oklahoma State University; PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Thomas Allen, Associate Professor
(BS, Old Dominion University; PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Jennifer Brewer, Assistant Professor
(BA, University of Michigan; MS, University of Maine; PhD, Clark University)
Thomas Crawford, Associate Professor
(BS, Wake Forest University; MA, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Scott Curtis, Associate Professor
(BA, University of Virginia; MS, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Paul Gares, Professor
(BA, Middlebury College; MA, Syracuse University; PhD, Rutgers University)
Holly Hapke, Associate Professor
(BA, Hamline University; MA, PhD, Syracuse University)
Misun Hur, Assistant Professor
(BS, GyeongSang National University; MCRP, PhD, Ohio State University)
Scott Lecce, Professor
(AB, University of California, Berkeley; MA, Arizona State University; PhD, University of Wisconsin)
Deirdre M. Mageean, Professor
(B.S.Sc, Queens University in Belfast; MA University of York; PhD, The Open University, England)
Daniel Marcucci, Assistant Professor
(BA, Harvard University; MLA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania)
Ronald Mitchelson, Professor and Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies
(BA, State University of New York, Buffalo; MA, PhD, Ohio State University)
Anuradha Mukherji, Assistant Professor
(Dip., Center for Environmental Planning and Technology; MS, Texas A&M University; PhD, University of California, Berkeley)
Karen Mulcahy, Teaching Assistant Professor
(BA, MA, PhD, City University of New York)
Rosana Nieto Ferreira, Assistant Professor
(BS, MA, University of São Paulo; PhD, Colorado State University)
E. Jeffrey Popke, Associate Professor
(BA, Dartmouth University; MA, PhD, University of Kentucky)
Viva Reynolds, Teaching Assistant Professor
(BA, California State University, Los Angeles; MA, University of Wyoming; PhD, University of Kentucky)
Thomas Rickenbach, Assistant Professor
(BS, University of California, Berkeley; MS, PhD, Colorado State University)
Hong-Bing Su, Associate Professor
(Bsc, Beijing University, MS, Chinese Academy of Sciences; PhD, University of California, Davis)
Tracy Van Holt, Assistant Professor
(BS, State University of New York; MS, PhD, University of Florida)
Scott Wade, Teaching Instructor
(BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MA, East Carolina University)
Yong Wang, Professor
(BS, Northwestern Polytechnic University; MA, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Thad Wasklewicz, Associate Professor
(BS, Plymouth State College; MA, PhD, Arizona State University)
Jerry Weitz, Associate Professor
(BA, Emory University; MCP, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD, Portland State University)
Mulatu Wubneh, Professor
(BA, Haile Selassie University; MA, MURP, PhD, Florida State University)