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Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs

Great Books

John A. Stevens, Director, 3314 Bate Building

The minor in great books requires a minimum of 24 s.h. and is an interdisciplinary program housed within the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences consisting of seminars on themes in the humanities, natural and social sciences and the arts. The purpose of the great books seminar is to introduce students to a Socratic way of learning through dialogue. Students read original works analytically and advance positions which are put to the test by their colleagues and the instructor. The instructor acts to introduce and guide discussion, but more as a moderator than as a lecturer. Knowledge does not pass only from teacher to student through lecture; it is discovered together through dialogue. Requirements include a minimum of 9 s.h. of courses above the 2999 level. A course may not count toward the student’s major and the great books minor. A major in great books is available through the BA/BS in Multidisciplinary Studies. See director for more details.

  1. Core - 9 s.h.
    Choose 3 of the following:
    GRBK 2000. Introduction to the Great Books (3) (FC:HU) (F)
    GRBK 3001. Great Books of Science (3)
    GRBK 4000. Seminar in the Great Books (3) (FC:HU) (S) (P: GRBK 2000 or consent of instructor)
    GRBK 4999. Thesis in the Great Books (3) (WI) (F,S) (P: 15 s.h. of GRBK core and electives, including GRBK 2000,
    GRBK 4000 or consent of the director)
  2. Electives - 15 s.h.
    GRBK 2000, 3001, and 4000 may be repeated once each as electives with a change of topic. Other electives to complete 24 s.h. are drawn from the following:
    ART 2905. Masterpieces in the Visual Arts and Literature (3) (FC:FA) (P: Non-Art major)
    CLAS 2000. Introduction to Classics (Humanities) (3) (WI*) (F) (FC:HU)
    CLAS 2220. Great Works of Ancient Literature I: Greece (3) (FC:HU)
    CLAS 2230. Great Works of Ancient Literature II: Rome (3) (FC:HU)
    CLAS 2500. Greek Tragedy in Translation (3) (FC:HU)
    CLAS 2600. The Power of Images in Classical Greece and Rome (3) (FC:HU)
    CLAS 4000. Seminar in Classics (3) (WI)
    CLAS 4521, 4522, 4523. Directed Readings in Classics in Translation (1,2,3) (FC:HU)
    ENGL 2100. Major British Writers (3) (F,S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 2200. Major American Writers (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3600. Classics from Homer to Dante (3) (WI) (F) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3610. Human Values in Literature (3) (F-EY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3630. The Bible as Literature (3) (S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4010. Medieval Literature (3) (WI) (S-OY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4020. Chaucer (3) (WI) (F-OY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4030. Milton (3) (WI) (S-EY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4070. Shakespeare: The Histories (3) (F-EY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4080. Shakespeare: The Comedies (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4090. Shakespeare: The Tragedies (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    FORL 2620. French Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU)
    FORL 2660. Spanish Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU)
    FORL 2665. Don Quixote (3) (WI) (FC:HU)
    FORL 2680. German Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU)
    GRBK 2000. Introduction to Great Books (3) (FC:HU) (F)
    GRBK 3001. Great Books of Science (3)
    GRBK 4000. Seminar in Great Books (3) (FC:HU) (S) (P: GRBK 2000 or consent of instructor)
    HIST 3405. History of Ancient Greece (3) (FC: SO)
    HIST 3410. History of Ancient Rome (3) (F) (FC: SO)
    ITAL 2220. Italian Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU)
    MRST 2000. Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Studies (3) (FC: HU)
    MRST 2400. Introduction to Medieval Studies (3) (FC:HU)
    MRST 2500. Introduction to Renaissance Studies (3) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 1311. Great Philosophers from Antiquity to the Present (3) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 1695. Introduction to the Old Testament (3) (F) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 1696. Introduction to the New Testament (3) (S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 2691. Classical Islam (3) (S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 2692. Buddhism (3) (S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3313. Ancient Philosophy (3) (WI*) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3321. Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (3) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3331. Modern Philosophy (3) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3350. Great Philosopher (3) (S) (FC:HU) (P: 3 s.h. in PHIL or consent of instructor)
    POLS 2070. Introduction to Political Theory (3) (F,S) (FC:SO)
    POLS 4371. Western Political Thought I: Moses to Montesquieu (3) (RP: POLS 2070)
    RUSS 3220. Nineteenth Century Russian Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU) (P: RUSS 2120; or consent of instructor)
    RUSS 3221. Twentieth Century Russian Literature in Translation (3) (FC:HU) (P: RUSS 2120; or consent of instructor)
    Other courses as approved by the director of Great Books