Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Catalog 2008-09

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College of Technology and Computer Science

David M. White, Professor and Interim Dean
(BS, Concord College; MS, Radford College; EdD, University of Tennessee)
John C. Reis, Associate Dean
(BS, Oregon State University; MS, PhD, Stanford University)

Department of Computer Science

John R. Placer, Professor and Chairperson
(BS, California State Polytechnic University; MSI, University of California Santa Barbara; MS, University of Arizona; PhD, Oregon State University)
Karl R. Abrahamson, Associate Professor
(BS, PhD, University of Washington)
Junhua Ding, Assistant Professor
(MS, PhD, Florida International University)
Qin Ding, Assistant Professor
(BS, MS, Nanjing University; PhD, North Dakota State University)
K. Gopalakrishnan, Associate Professor
(BE, University of Madras; MTech, Indian Statistical Institute; PhD, University of Nebraska)
Robert A. Hochberg, Assistant Professor
(BS, State University of New York, Stony Brook; MS, North Carolina State University; PhD, Rutgers University)
Robert D. Hoggard, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS, East Carolina University)
Masao Kishore, Associate Professor
(BA, University of California, Berkeley; MS, University of Toledo; MA, PhD, Princeton University)
Lakshmi Narasimhan, Professor
(BE, Indian Institute of Science; ME, Madras Institute of Technology; PhD, University of Queensland)
Ronnie W. Smith, Associate Professor
(BS, Vanderbilt University; MS, PhD, Duke University)
Mohammad H. Tabrizi, Professor and Graduate Director
(BSc, University of Manchester; MS, PhD, University of Sheffield)
Sergiy Vilkomir, Assistant Professor
(College of Gifted Students Moscow State University; MS, Kharkov State University; PhD, Kharkov Polytechnic University)
James Frederick Wirth, Associate Professor
(BS, PhD, University of Notre Dame)

Department of Construction Management

David L. Batie, Associate Professor
(BS, MA, University of Nebraska; PhD, Texas A&M University)
Grady Eric Connell, Associate Professor
(BA, City University of New York; MA, University of Texas; PhD, Texas A&M University)
Donna A. Hollar, Teaching Instructor
(BS, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; MSCE, University of Washington)
Huanqing Lu, Associate Professor
(BEng, MEng, Tianjin University; MS, PhD, University of Florida)
Danny L. Morton, Teaching Instructor
(BSBA, MAEd, East Carolina University)
Ronald H. Sessoms, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MA, East Carolina University)
Gregory F. Starzyk, Teaching Instructor
(BS, University of Illinois; MPM, Northwest University)
Keith E. Sylvester, Assistant Professor
(BA, University of Louisiana; MS, University of Houston; PhD, Texas A&M University)
George C. Wang, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Wollongong)
Yuhong Wang, Assistant Professor
(MS, PhD University of Kentucky)
Bryan E. Wheeler, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS East Carolina University)

Department of Engineering

Paul J. Kauffmann, Professor and Chairperson
(BS, MENG, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; PhD, Pennsylvania State University)
Tarek M. Abdel-Salam, Associate Professor
(BS, MS, Cairo University; PhD, Old Dominion University)
Purvis H. Bedenbaugh, Assistant Professor
(BSE, Duke University; MS, Clemson University; PhD University of Pennsylvania)
Evelyn C. Brown, Associate Professor
(BS, Furman University; MS, North Carolina State University; PhD, University of Virginia)
Karen De Urquidi, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS, University of Michigan)
Eugene Dixon, Assistant Professor
(BS, Auburn University; MBA, Nova Southeastern University; PhD, University of Alabama in Huntsville)
William Howard, Assistant Professor
(BS, MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; PhD, Marquette University)
Byungjoon Kim, Assistant Professor
(BS, Hanyang University; MS, PhD, University of Nebraska)
Loren Limberis, Assistant Professor
(BS, PhD University of Utah)
Gerald Micklow, Associate Professor
(BS MS, Pennsylvania University; PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Stephanie, Sullivan, Teaching Instructor
(BS, University of Notre Dame; MS, North Carolina State University)
Richard R. Williams, Assistant Professor
(BS, MS, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD, Auburn University)
Jianchu Yao, Assistant Professor
(BS, ME, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology; PhD, Kansas State University)

Department of Technology Systems

Hamid Fonooni, Associate Professor and Interim Chairperson
(BS Indiana State University; MS, PhD, University of Cincinnati)
(BS, Bangalore University; MS, Texas A&M University)
Mark G. Angolia, Teaching Instructor
(BS, ME, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
David L. Batts, Assistant Professor
(BS, MS, EdD, East Carolina University)
Michael Behm, Assistant Professor
(BS, Millersville University; MS, Temple University; PhD, Oregon State University)
Robert A. Chin, Professor
(BA, University of Northern Colorado; MAE, Ball State University; PhD, University of Maryland)
Te-Shun Chou, Assistant Professor
(BS, Feng Chia University; MS, PhD, Florida International University)
Charles E. Coddington, Professor
(BS, California University of Pennsylvania; MEd, Pennsylvania State University; PhD, University of Maryland)
Kanchan K. Das, Assistant Professor
(BA, MS, Indian Institutes of Technology; PhD, University of Windsor)
Melinda T. Doty, Teaching Instructor
(BA, MS, East Carolina University)
Carolyn K. Dunn, Teaching Instructor
(BA, Clarion University of Pennsylvania; MA, East Carolina University)
J. Barry Duvall, Professor
(BS, MS, Indiana State University; PhD, University of Maryland
Amy R. Frank, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS, Eastern Illinois University)
Sandra L. Friend, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS, Murray State University)
Clyde Hicks, Teaching Instructor
(BS, MS, East Carolina University)
Andrew E. Jackson, Professor
(BA, University of Louisville; MA, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; PhD University of Central Florida)
Samir Y. Khoury, Instructor
(BAS, Mount Olive College; MS, Central Michigan University)
Jeanne M. Lawrence, Teaching Instructor
(BS, University of Florida; MBA, Hofstra University)
Charles J. Lesko, Assistant Professor
(BA, United States Naval Academy; MS, Boston University; PhD, Walden University)
ChengCheng Li, Assistant Professor
(BS, Bejing Polytechnic University; MS, PhD Texas Tech University)
Peng Li, Assistant Professor
(MS, PhD, University of Connecticut)
Jimmy B. Linn, Teaching Instructor
(BS, Rose Institute of Technology; MS, Purdue University)
Philip J. Lunsford, Associate Professor
(BS, MS, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD, North Carolina State University)
Merwan Mehta, Associate Professor
(BE, University of Bombay; MS, PhD, University of Missouri, Rolla)
Tijiani Mohammed, Assistant Professor
(BS, Central Missouri State University; MS, Indiana State University; PhD, Texas A&M University)
Gonzague Erol Ozan, Associate Professor
(BS, Middle East Technical University; MS, Istanbul University; PhD, Old Dominion University)
Leslie R. Pagliari, Assistant Professor
(BS, MS, East Carolina University; PhD, Walden University)
Leonard E. Palmer, Teaching Instructor
(BS United States Military Academy; MBA, Florida Institute of Technology; MS, Air Force Institute of Technology)
John L. Pickard, Teaching Instructor
(BS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; MBA, Wayland Baptist University)
Christine Russell, Teaching Instructor
(BA, Randolph Macon College; MA East Carolina University; JD, University of Missouri, Kansas City)
Janet H. Sanders, Assistant Professor
(MS, Clemson University; PhD, North Carolina A&T State University)
Lee W. Toderick, Teaching Instructor
(BS, East Carolina University; MS, Boston University)