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Undergraduate Catalog 2008-09

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College of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Rehabilitation Studies

Lloyd G. Goodwin, Interim Chairperson, 252-744-6300
Martha Chapin, Director, Undergraduate Rehabilitation Services, 252-744-6291

BS in Rehabilitation Services

Admission to the BS in rehabilitation services program requires a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA and an application. Program admission is competitive and admission to the university and/or achieving a minimum 2.5 GPA does not guarantee admission to the rehabilitation services degree program. Applications should be submitted when the student is nearing completion of 42 s.h. A student may only apply for admission twice. Additional information and application for admission can be obtained from the Department of Rehabilitation Studies. Undergraduate students majoring in rehabilitation services are encouraged to minor in an established area consistent with individual academic and career goals or to take a composite minor of structured electives approved by the faculty advisor and departmental chairperson. Majors must earn a minimum grade of C in all REHB courses. Minimum degree requirement is 121 s.h. of credit as follows:

  1. Foundations curriculum requirements (See Section 4, Foundations Curriculum Requirements for all Baccalaureate Degree Programs), including those listed below. - 42 s.h.
    MATH 1065. College Algebra (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:MA) (P: Appropriate score on mathematics placement test) or equivalent
  2. Core - 48 s.h.
    BIOS 1500. Introduction to Biostatistics (3) (F,S) (P: MATH 1065 or equivalent or consent of instructor) or equivalent
    HLTH 3010. Health Problems I (3) (F) (P: BIOL 2130 or 2140; HLTH 1000 or 1050; or consent of instructor)
    PSYC 2275. Psychology of Adjustment (3) (F,S) (FC:SO)
    PSYC 4375. Abnormal Psychology (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    PSYC 5325. Introduction to Psychological Testing (3) (F,S,SS) (P: Statistics course; PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    REHB 2000. Survey of Community Resources in Rehabilitation and Health Care (3) (S)
    REHB 2003. Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Health and Social Problems (3) (F,S)
    REHB 3010. Case Management in Rehabilitation (3) (WI) (S) (P: REHB major or consent of instructor)
    REHB 4000. Interviewing Techniques for Health and Rehabilitation Settings (3) (F) (P: REHB major)
    REHB 4993, 4994, 4995, 4996. Rehabilitation Services Internship (3,3,3,3) (F,S,SS) (WI*) (P: REHB major; REHB 3010, 4000; consent of instructor; 2.5 GPA)
    SOCW 2010. Introduction to Social Work Practice with Special Populations (3) (F,S,SS) (P: SOCW 1010)
    Choose 6 s.h. from:
    REHB 5000. Introduction to Rehabilitation (3) (F,SS)
    REHB 5100, 5101. Occupational Analysis and Career Counseling (3) (F,SS) (P for nonmajor: consent of instructor)
    REHB 5400. Introduction to Vocational Evaluation (3) (F,SS) (P: Graduate or senior standing; Consent of instructor or dept chair)
  3. Cognates - 5 s.h.
    BIOL 2130. Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy (4) (F,S,SS) (P: BIOL 1050, 1051; or 1100, 1101)
    BIOL 2131. Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory (1) (F,S,SS) (P/C: BIOL 2130)
  4. Minor or structured electives to complete requirements for graduation.

Alcohol and Drug Studies Minor

A course may not count for both a major and minor. If a course listed in the minor is used to meet a major requirement, additional minor electives must be taken. Minimum requirement for the alcohol and drug studies minor is 24 s.h. as follows:

  1. Core - 15 s.h.
    PSYC 2275. Psychology of Adjustment (3) (F,S) (FC:SO)
    PSYC 4375. Abnormal Psychology (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    REHB 2003. Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Health and Social Problems (3) (F,S)
    REHB 5793. Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction (3) (S,SS) (P/C: REHB 2003 or consent of instructor)
    REHB 5796. Contemporary Alcohol/Drug Abuse Issues (3) (F) (P/C: REHB 5793 or consent of instructor)
  2. Electives (Choose from the following.) - 9 s.h.
    ASLS 2020. Sign Language Studies I (3) (F,S,SS)
    CDFR 1103. Marriage and Family Relations (3) (F,S,SS)
    HLTH 3515. AIDS HIV Disease in Modern Society (3) (S) (P: HLTH 1000 or consent of instructor)
    HLTH 5345. Alcoholism in Health Education (3)
    PSYC 3206. Developmental Psychology (3) (WI*) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    PSYC 3300. Psychology of Personality (3) (F,S) (FC:SO)
    REHB 5000. Introduction to Rehabilitation (3)
    SOCI 2111. Modern Social Problems (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: SOCI 2110)
    SOCI 3220. Sociology of Deviant Behavior (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: SOCI 2110)