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Undergraduate Catalog 2008-09

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs

Religious Studies

Derek Maher, Director, 235 Austin Building

Multidisciplinary Studies Major
A multidisciplinary studies major with a focus in religious studies is available. Interested students should contact the director of religious studies.

Religious studies is a nonsectarian and interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of religion as historical and cultural phenomena. Courses offered explore religion in its various dimensions – aesthetic, anthropological, ethical, historical, literary, philosophical, political, psychological, and sociological. The religious studies minor requires 24 s.h. credit. The major advisor should send a potential minor to the director for advising. Requirements for the minor are listed below. A maximum of 6 s.h. may be used to satisfy foundations curriculum requirements and requirements for the religious studies minor. No course work in the student’s major field of study will be accepted for credit toward the minor. Study abroad programs having the prior approval of the director will be accepted for a maximum 6 s.h. of credit toward the minor. Additional courses beyond those listed below will be accepted if they significantly further the student’s understanding of religion; prior approval by the director is required for additional courses. Departmental prerequisites may be waived in special cases by the department offering the course.

  1. Core - 6 s.h.
    RELI 4500. Religious Studies Seminar I (3) (WI*) (F) (P: Consent of instructor or RELI program director)
    RELI 4800. Religious Studies Seminar II (3) (P: 6 s.h. in religion or philosophy or consent of instructor)
  2. Electives - 18 s.h.
    Choose a minimum of 15 s.h. from core religion electives and the remaining electives from either list of electives.
    Core Religion Electives: (Minimum of 15 s.h.)
    ANTH 4054. Anthropology of Religion (3) (OY) (FC:SO) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2010 or 2200 or consent of instructor)
    ENGL 3630. The Bible as Literature (3) (S) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3640. Literature and Religion (3) (F-OY) (FC:HU)
    HIST 3412. A History of Christianity to 1300 (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3413. A History of Christianity 1300-present (3) (FC:SO) (RP: HIST 3412)
    HIST 3627. History of Japanese Buddhism (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 5360. The Reformation, 1450-1598 (3)
    PHIL 1290. Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (3) (F,S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3290. Philosophy of Religion (3) (S) (FC:HU) (P: 3 s.h. in PHIL or consent of instructor)
    PSYC 3314. Psychology of Religion (3) (S) (P: PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    RELI 1000. Introduction to Religious Studies (3) (FC:HU) (Formerly RELI 2000)
    RELI 1690. World Religions (3) (F,S) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 1690)
    RELI 2500. Study Abroad (6) (SS) (FC:HU) (P: Consent of instructor)
    RELI 2691. Classical Islam (3) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 2691)
    RELI 2692. Buddhism (3) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 2692)
    RELI 2693. Hinduism (3) (FC:HU)
    RELI 2694. Indigenous Religions (3) (FC:HU)
    RELI 2695. Introduction to the Old Testament (3) (F) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 1695)
    RELI 2696. Introduction to the New Testament (3) (S) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 1696)
    RELI 3000. Motherhood of God in Asian Traditions (3) (EY) (FC:SO) (Same as ANTH 3009; WOST 3000)
    RELI 3113. Archaeology of the Old Testament World (3) (OY) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2000 or PHIL 1695 or consent of instructor) (Same as ANTH 3113)
    RELI 3114. Archaeology of the New Testament World (3) (OY) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2000 or PHIL 1696 or consent of instructor) (Same as ANTH 3114)
    RELI 3500. Methodology of Religious Studies (3) (WI)
    RELI 3600. Greek and Roman Religions (3) (FC:HU) (Same as CLAS 3600)
    RELI 3690. Women and Religion (3) (FC:HU) (WI*) (Formerly PHIL 3690)
    RELI 3691. Islam in the Modern World (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3691) (P: PHIL 1690 or PHIL 2691 or consent of instructor)
    RELI 3692. Tibetan Religion and Culture (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3692) (P: PHIL 1690 or PHIL 2692 or consent of instructor)
    RELI 3694. Religions of Africa (3) (WI*) (FC:HU)
    RELI 3698. Mysticism (3) (WI) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3698) (P: Consent of instructor or any course from the Core Religion Electives list of the Religious Studies Program)
    RELI 3700. Religion and Social Issues (3) (WI) (FC:HU)
    RELI 3800. Religion and Violence (3) (WI) (FC:HU)
    RELI 3930. Directed Readings in Religious Studies (3) (FC:HU) (Consent of director)
    RELI 4699. Special Topics in Religious Studies (3) (WI*) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 4699) (P: 6 s.h. in religion or philosophy or consent of instructor)
    SOCI 4341. Sociology of Religion (3) (S) (FC:SO) (P: SOCI 2110)
    General Religion Electives:
    ANTH 2010. Societies Around the World (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO)
    ANTH 3002. Cultures of East Asia (3) (FC:SO) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2010 or 2200 or consent of instructor)
    ANTH 3003. Cultures of Africa (3) (OY) (FC:SO) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2010 or 2200 or consent of instructor)
    ANTH 3004. Cultures of the South Pacific (3) (EY) (FC:SO) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2010 or 2200 or consent of instructor)
    ART 2920. Art of the Middle Ages (3) (WI) (P: ART 1906, 1907)
    ART 3920. Asian Art (3)
    ART 4916. Art of India (3) (WI) (P: ART 1906, 1907; of consent of instructor)
    CLAS 3460. Classical Mythology (3) (FC:HU)
    ENGL 3450. Northern European Mythology (3) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3460. Classical Mythology (3) (F) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 3620. Oriental Literature (3)
    ENGL 4010. Medieval Literature (3) (WI) (S-OY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ENGL 4030. Milton (3) (WI) (S-EY) (FC:HU) (P: ENGL 1200)
    FORL 2600. Literature in Translation: The Holocaust (3) (S) (FC:HU)
    GRK 1001. Ancient Greek Level I (3)
    GRK 1002. Ancient Greek Level II (3) (P: GRK 1001 of consent of instructor)
    GRK 1003. Ancient Greek Level III (3) (P: GRK 1002 or consent of instructor)
    GRK 1004. Ancient Greek Level IV (3) (P: GRK 1003 or consent of instructor)
    HIST 3415. The Middle Ages (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3610. History of the Far East to 1600 (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3670. History of the Middle East (3) (WI) (FC:SO)
    HIST 5310. Intellectual History of Europe (3)
    HIST 5340. The Ancient Near East (3)
    HIST 5350. The Renaissance in European History (3)
    HIST 5450. Tudor-Stuart England (3)
    LATN 1001. Latin Level I (3)
    LATN 1002. Latin Level II (3) (P: LATN 1001; placement by examination; or consent of instructor)
    LATN 1003. Latin Level III (3) (P: LATN 1002; placement by examination; or consent of instructor)
    LATN 1004. Latin Level IV (3) (P: LATN 1003; placement by examination; or consent of instructor)
    MRST 5000. Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar (3) (P: 9 s.h. in MRST or consent of instructor)
    PHIL 2453. Existentialism and Phenomenology (3) (F,S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 3321. Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (3) (F,S) (FC:HU)
    PHIL 4250. Metaphysics (3) (FC:HU) (P: 6 s.h. in PHIL or consent of instructor)