Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10

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Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

Accounting, BSBA, MSA
Adult Education, MAEd
African and African American Studies, BA
Anatomy and Cell Biology, PhD
Anthropology, BA, MA
Applied Atmospheric Science, BS
Art Education, BFA, MAEd, MAT
Art History and Appreciation, BA
Athletic Training, BS, MS
Audiology, AuD
Biochemistry, BS
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, PhD
Bioenergetics and Exercise Science, PhD
Biology, BS, MS
Biomedical Physics, PhD
Birth-Kindergarten (BK) Teacher Education, BS, MAEd
Business Administration, BSBA, MBA
Business Education, BSBE, MAEd
Business and Marketing Education, BSBE, MAT
Chemistry, BA, BS, MS
Child Development and Family Relations, MS
Child Life, BS
Classical Studies (See Multidisciplinary Studies)
Clinical Laboratory Science, BS
Coastal Resources Management, PhD
Communication, BA, BS, MA
Communication Sciences and Disorders, MS, PhD
Computer Science, BA, BS, MS
Construction Management, BS, MCM
Counselor Education, MS
Criminal Justice, BS, MS
Dance Education, BFA
Dance Performance,BFA
Dental Medicine, DMD (Classes begin in Fall of 2011)
Design, BS
Economics, BA, BS, MS (Applied and Resource Economics)
Education, Secondary, (See academic subject.)
Educational Administration and Supervision, EdS
Educational Leadership, EdD
Elementary Education (K-6), BS, MAEd, MAT
Engineering, BS
English, BA, MA
English Education, BS (Secondary Education), MAEd, MAT
Environmental Health, BS, MSEH
Exercise and Sport Science, BA, MS
Exercise Physiology, BS
Family and Community Services, BS
Family and Consumer Sciences Education, BS, MAEd, MAT
Finance, BSBA
Foreign Languages, (See specific language.)
French, BA, BS (Secondary Education)
Geography, BA, BS (Applied Atmospheric Science), BS (Applied Geography), MA
Geology, BS, MS
German, BA, BS (Secondary Education)
Health Education, MA, MAEd, MAT
Health Education and Promotion, BS
Health Fitness Specialist, BS
Health Information Management, BS
Health Psychology, PhD
Health Services Management, BS
Hispanic Studies, BA, BS (Education), MAT
History, BA, BS (Public History), MA (History), MA (Maritime Studies)
History Education, BS, (Secondary Education), MAEd, MAT
Hospitality Management, BS
Industrial Distribution and Logistics, BS
Industrial Engineering Technology, BS
Industrial Technology, BS
Information and Computer Technology, BS
Information Technologies, BSBE
Instructional Technology, MS
Instructional Technology Education, MAEd
Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences, PhD
Interior Design, BS
International Studies, MA
Library Science, MLS
Management, BSBA
Management Accounting, BSBA
Management Information Systems, BSBA
Maritime Studies, MA
Marketing, BSBA
Marketing Education, MAEd
Marriage and Family Therapy, MS
Mathematics, BA, BS, MA
Mathematics, Secondary Education, BS, MAEd
Medical Family Therapy, PhD
Medicine, MD (See BSOM catalog)
Merchandising, BS
Microbiology and Immunology, PhD
Middle Grades Education, BS, MAEd, MAT
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, MS
Multidisciplinary Studies, BA, BS
Music Education, BM, MM, MAT
(Music) Performance, BM, MM
(Music) Theory-Composition, BM, MM
Music Therapy, BM
Neuroscience Studies (See Multidisciplinary Studies)
Nursing, BSNMSN, PhD
Nutrition, MS
Nutrition and Dietetics, BS
Occupational Safety, MS
Occupational Therapy, MSOT
Pathology (See Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences)
Pharmacology and Toxicology, PhD
Philosophy, BA
Physical Education, BS, MAEd, MAT
Physical Therapy, DPT
Physician Assistant, MS
Physics, BA, BSAP (Applied Physics), BS, MS
Physiology, PhD
Political Science, BA, BS, MPA (Public Administration)
Psychology, BA
Psychology, Clinical, MA (See Health Psychology)
Psychology, General and Theoretic, MA
Psychology, School, MA, CAS
Psychology, Health, PhD
Public Administration, MPA
Public Health, MPH
Recreation and Park Administration, MS
Recreation and Park Management, BS
Recreational Therapy, BS
Recreational Therapy Administration, MS
Rehabilitation Services, BS
Rehabilitation Counseling, MS, PhD (and Administration)
Religious Studies (See Multidisciplinary Studies)
School Administration, MSA
School Health Education, BS
School Psychology, CAS
Science Education, BS, MA, MAEd, MAT
Secondary Education (See academic subject.),
Social Work, BSW, MSW
Sociology, BA, BS (Applied Sociology), MA
Software Engineering, MS
Special Education, Adapted Curriculum, BS
Special Education, Learning Disabilities MAEd
Special Education, Low Incidence Disabilities, MAEd
Special Education, General Curriculum, BS
Special Education, Mental Retardation, MAEd
Speech and Hearing Sciences, BS
Sports Studies, BS
Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling, MS
Sustainable Tourism, MS
Teaching-MAT (See specific teaching area.)
Technical and Professional Discourse, PhD
Technology Systems, MS
Theatre Arts, BA, BFA
Theatre Arts Education, BFA
Urban and Regional Planning, BS
Vocational Education, MS
Vocational Evaluation, MS
Women’s Studies, BA