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Internship Program

The University Multimedia Center (UMC) offers an internship for graduate students who are interested in developing instructional content in an educational setting using multimedia. The internship provides real work experience and gives students an opportunity to interact with actual clients to produce multimedia projects and provides invaluable experience for the students' future careers. Interns gain technical skills associated with software and hardware, design methodology, appropriate application of multimedia and experience working with faculty. These skills will give them a tremendous advantage over other job candidates when they enter the job workforce.

Admission Requirements
Contact your Program Director for specific details for the internship requirements in your department.
Entrance Interview
This is an informal meeting with the director of the UMC to discuss the student's skills and the responsibilities and projects the internship involves. Sample projects/work completed by the student are reviewed at the interview. The availability of internships offered by the UMC is viewed on a case by case basis.
  • Complete 120 hours per semester
  • Develop projects/tasks agreed upon during the entrance interview
  • Keep a weekly journal that records hours worked and daily progress on projects
Final Evaluation
Interns complete an evaluation form. This evaluation allows interns to summarize their experiences and reflect upon the progress they made. This information will be used to help make future internships more productive and enjoyable.
Grading and Evaluation
For the student to receive proper credit for the internship, they must complete the weekly journal, the responsibilities agreed upon during the entrance interview and the final evaluation. These materials will be fowarded to the Program Director who will then assign a grade based on the results of the information