Curriculum: Requirements

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English 1100: Foundations of College Writing I

Introduction to expository, analytical, and research-based academic writing. Instruction in critical reading; developing, supporting, and organizing ideas; drafting and revising; understanding grammatical conventions; proofreading and editing; and other important aspects of the writing process.

 English 1100 Course Objectives:
  • • Discover significant questions to explore and address via writing.
  • • Explore the many different purposes of writing, including writing to reflect, analyze, explain, and persuade.
  • • Practice drafting and revising.
  • • Increase student awareness of organizational strategies and his/her ability to apply them.
  • • Become attentive to how audience and purpose affect content, tone, and style.
  • • Incorporate sufficient and appropriate details and examples both from experiences and from secondary research.
  • • Express ideas with clarity and with effective syntax and punctuation.
  • • Gain competence in using computer technology in the writing process.
  • • Schedule and meet deadlines.

Students will write extensively, both formally and informally, often for every class meeting. Students must be prepared to share their writing with their peers on a regular basis. Students will be asked to write in a variety of genres, most of which will involve multiple pages of revised prose.

English 2201: Writing About the Disciplines

Instruction in research-based writing in the context of academic disciplines. Analytical and argumentative writing skills for university, professional, and civic life.

English 2201 Course Objectives
  • • Recognize and explain the significance of variations in content, style, structure, and format across different writing contexts;
  • • Formulate significant research questions and raft strong research proposals with feasible work plans and timelines;
  • • Locate and critically evaluate a variety of sources, including field-based, print, and electronic sources;
  • • Apply research and use writing to achieve a variety of contexts;
  • • Convey the results of your research to a variety of audiences through a variety of genres and formats;
  • • Use clear, appropriate language and grammar in writing about topics in different disciplinary contexts;
  Understand the purposes of citation practices in different contexts:
  • • Cite sources accurately and responsibly in order to avoid plagiarism
  • • Identify and explain writing strategies used in your own work.