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Meet The Consultants


My favorite type of writing is historical writing- I actually got into history in middle school when a homework assignment was to write a fake newspaper article about the Battle of Gettysburg. I enjoyed the assignment so much, I still do that from time to time with historical events today! (And yes, I did get an A!) What I love about writing is that with the proper voice and diction, every event documented in this world is explained differently, a microcosm of society as a whole.  My top writing skills are probably my prose and the ability to critique as a whole, and effectively convey an argument through writing. I look forward to developing my skills not only as a writer, but as a listener and counselor, and look forward to working with and helping others! 


I enjoy myself the most by doing analytical writing. Because my strengths are found in my attention to detail and critical thinking, I find it satisfying to allow my writing style to grow through interpreting literature or cultural phenomena. Furthermore, writing allows me to expand more on my thoughts and to brainstorm more productively on paper than I would mentally. As a writing mentor for Spanish literature courses, I enjoy showing other students how to make the most of this analytical process as well, and demonstrating to them how the critical thinking skills they use in their writing can apply to myriad fields and genres.


I like literature and other writing that is informative and clear. I like that writing allows people to compose and express their thoughts and feelings as beautifully and clearly as their language will allow. I know how to write, which is a good start. I can write clearly, communicating complex ideas simply and eloquently. I am excited to help people gain a greater authority over their ability to express themselves to others.


My favorite type of writing is rhetorical and research writing since I love history and am fascinated by how influential people have used rhetoric to powerfully articulate their views. I like how writing enables me to express my thoughts clearly and concisely on a book or issue I care about. As a consultant, I am skilled at helping students with various citation formats such as APA and Chicago since I learn something new about them every day. I also feel skilled with generating a thesis and organizing information to make thoughts flow logically. Every day I look forward to making other ECU students feel confident and comfortable approaching writing. I enjoy learning with the students I work with too, since even I do not know everything, and I hope students realize they are always learning.


My favorite kind of writing, in my field, is qualitative research. My favorite kind of literature is science fiction and fantasy. I like the freedom and expression writing allows. In child life, we use journal writing to help children in stressful or traumatic life situations process and cope with their circumstances. I am proficient in different kinds of documentation (APA, MLA, Chicago styles). I am most qualified in qualitative and quantitative research in psychology and other family sciences. I am interested in learning more about other writing styles and subjects.

Katie C 

My favorite kind of writing is reflective, which is what is required in philosophical papers. I also am interested in APA style since I am a psychology major. In writing, I enjoy the opportunity to express my thoughts and information gathered through research. Along with the ability to write, I have experience in argument analysis. As a consultant, I hope to not only help other students by giving them the tools to become a better writer, I would like to become a better writer myself.


My favorite kind of writing is literary analysis, research essays, and creative writing. I love to write because it is a permanent form of expressing thoughts and ideas about what I have learned in my reading and research. The ideas from brainstorming and research become real when I write; and that solidification is rewarding! My writing skills include brainstorming ideas for research, developing a strong thesis and general organization/formatting. As the first DE writing consultant at the UWC, I am elated to be a part of this growing team! I look forward to working with other students with hope to share in the rewarding experience of writing. I also want to continue sharpening my writing skills as I try to learn something new every day! Go Pirates!


I love research-based writing. What I enjoy about writing is the research that goes into preparing for writing (thesis, paper, article) and then disseminating the information to others. Since I like research, the final product ends up being a source that helps others to learn about a particular topic. I typically have resources at hand to help fine-tune my writing or even get the writing process started. I am also very strong with grammar, punctuation, and bibliography. As a consultant, I look forward to being involved in the ECU community as well as learning from others to improve my own writing skills. Go Pirates!

I love writing for the potential power it has. As I continue to progress through education and develop my writing, I realize the critical role writing has in bringing light to issues and adding to critical conversations in my field. I enjoy writing literature reviews as well as analysis papers. My strongest skill in writing is mapping and planning content. I look forward to reading papers from other fields and helping fellow students to develop their writing skills.


My favorite types of writing are personal statements and reflections. I enjoy helping students reflect on their lives and the experiences they have had thus far. Allowing someone to get to know you through your writing is a very powerful tool and the one-on-one sessions at the UWC is a great way to accomplish this. I love to read and fully enjoy being a consultant at the University Writing Center. Write on!


This marks my 3rd year as an undergraduate UWC consultant and I've never enjoyed a job more! My favorite things to help writers with involve conceptualization (thesis development, brainstorming, pre-writing) and rhetorical analysis. I love creative writing so much that I decided to make it my minor. I write creative non-fiction essays and short stories, and have come to realize all types of writing are capable of containing creative aspects. While working at the UWC, I've enjoyed exposing others to personal and professional benefits possible through all types of writing!


It is my opinion that research writing, while being an integral part of every college student's life, remains untapped and under utilized. Since my arrival at ECU, I have engaged in several forms of writing; chief among them, academic research writing. Because of this, I have become comfortable and familiar with research writing, documentation, and proofing. I have received guidance in research writing and methods over my three-year period at East Carolina University. It is my hope that my knowledge of this particular skill set is both useful and applicable to fellow Pirates, as well.

Tyler R 

Writing gives people the option to write down what they sometimes can't say, which is why I find writing to be such a powerful tool. This tool can be used to help enhance understanding and further allow people to go in more depth on what exactly they are attempting to explain. For me, writing allows me to express and explicitly analyze my thoughts. I know how easy it can be for life to become so hectic that sometimes it's hard to hear that little voice inside of our heads; when I write, that little voice becomes a lot louder.

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