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I am a graduate student in school psychology with a degree in creative writing. I can help with social sciences writing especially.

I like research based writing in which you can claim any theory/hypothesis you choose, and then make it into a justifiable claim by finding supporting evidence. Although there is structure, and you must keep your audience in mind, there is a lot of freedom in writing. I like that you can claim almost anything and creatively put your ideas into words. Through the years in my program, I have come to understand how to effectively address the prompt of the essay/paper, and to effectively address the audience of said essay/paper. As a consultant, I look forward to helping students improve their writing skills, and I honestly hope to hone my own writing abilities.

My favorite kind of writing is research and comparative essays. I like being able to organize my ideas on paper to inform others or persuade them to believe in my ideas. I am skilled in organizing and developing essays through research, and I look forward to helping others and sharing of my enjoyment of writing with students.

My favorite kind of writing is technical or scientific writing. Writing gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts, views, and knowledge with others. As individuals working in higher education, I feel like it is important to make a record of our experience in education. Incorporating many sources into a cohesive single research paper is something I enjoy. I think it is fun to find parallels between sources to support a single idea, hypothesis, or thesis statement. As a consultant, I like working one-on-one with students and helping with the creation of a final work of writing. I hope to bring something to each student’s education experience here at ECU.

I like literature and other writing that is informative and clear. I like that writing allows people to compose and express their thoughts and feelings as beautifully and clearly as their language will allow.

I know how to write, which is a good start. I can write clearly, communicating complex ideas simply and eloquently. I am excited to help people gain a greater authority over their ability to express themselves to others.

My favorite kinds of writing are mainly research papers, source criticism, book reviews, and monographs. I like that writing can be relaxing; it is fun to put formulated thoughts and ideas down to advance the knowledge of a particular group. I am a diligent researcher, possess a large vocabulary, and have some background in rhetoric. As a consultant, I look forward to becoming a better writer and helping others.

My favorite type of writing is rhetorical and research writing since I love history and am fascinated by how influential people have used rhetoric to powerfully articulate their views. I like how writing enables me to express my thoughts clearly and concisely on a book or issue I care about. As a consultant, I am skilled at helping students with various citation formats such as APA and Chicago since I learn something new about them every day. I also feel skilled with generating a thesis and organizing information to make thoughts flow logically. Every day I look forward to making other ECU students feel more confident and comfortable approaching writing. I enjoy learning with the students I work with too, since even I do not know everything and I hope students realize they are always learning.

I'm a nutrition science major at East Carolina, and I love writing research papers.

My favorite kind of writing, in my field, is qualitative research. My favorite kind of literature is science fiction and fantasy. I like the freedom and expression writing allows. In child life, we use journal writing to help children in stressful or traumatic life situations process and cope with their circumstances. I am proficient in different kinds of documentation (APA, MLA, Chicago styles). I am most qualified in qualitative and quantitative research in psychology and other family sciences. I am interested in learning more about other writing styles and subjects.

My favorite kind of writing is reflective usually what is required in philosophical papers. I also am interested in APA style since I am a psychology major. In writing, I enjoy the opportunity to express my thoughts and information gathered through research. Along with the ability to write, I have experience in argument analysis. As a consultant, I hope to not only help other students by giving them the tools to become a better writer, I would like to be come a better writer myself.

I love writing academic papers, historical essays, research papers, and book reviews. What I like most about writing is that it is a way for one to express themselves, communicate ideas, and bring thoughts of the imagination to life. I have strong research skills and reading comprehension skills, which contribute to my writing skills. I believe I can create strong thesis statements that I am able to support throughout my paper. I am looking forward to the people I will meet as a consultant.

I love research-based writing. What I enjoy about writing is the research that goes into preparing for writing (thesis, paper, article) and then disseminating the information to others. Since I like research, the final product ends up being a source that helps others to learn about a particular topic. I typically have resources at hand to help fine-tune my writing or even get the writing process started. I am also very strong with grammar, punctuation, and bibliography. As a consultant, I look forward to being involved in the ECU community as was as learning from others to improve my own writing skills. Go Pirates!

I enjoy creative writing and analytical writing. Although they are often considered in opposition, they are similar in many ways and are both important forms of writing. I enjoy being able to express myself through my writing. I can explore my creative side and my analytical abilities. Writing requires planning and thoughtfulness. I often make an outline prior to writing, and I find that doing so improves my writing. I enjoy editing and clarifying my thoughts. As a consultant, I look forward to working with other students, helping others improve their writing, and improving my writing.

I’m a Journalism major who loves both verbal and written communication. I enjoy working on everything from presentations to intensive research papers. I have worked with faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and ESL students, so whoever you are don’t hesitate to schedule with me. While I work at the center as a consultant, I also handle all our social media channels. From Facebook posts to research papers, I have experience in all varieties of writing.

My favorite kind of writing is Creative Fiction in many forms whether it is in a short story or my favorite, Script writing. However, as a former business major, I enjoy research, report, rhetoric, and many other types of writing. I like being able to get my ideas out into a form that other people can understand and envision. I have done many kinds of writing from research writing in economics to script writing in creative writing. I prefer MLA format but have a working knowledge of APA format as well. I enjoy seeing that light bulb go on when students realize that the assignment is not going to be as hard as they think and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their writing assignments. I love to experiment and try new things, currently concentrating on experimenting in baking and cooking.

My favorite types of writing are personal statements and reflections. I enjoy helping students reflect on their lives and the experiences they have had thus far. Allowing someone to get to know you through your writing is a very powerful tool and the one-on-one sessions at the UWC is a great way to accomplish this. I love to read and fully enjoy being a consultant at the University Writing Center. Write on!

I enjoy writing fiction (i.e. short stories, poems, prose). I also have previous experience working with writers preparing for publication.

My favorite kind of writing is mainly textual analysis, particularly in LGBT/queer literary studies and creative fiction writing. I love that writing is not only a way of organizing our crazy ideas and experiences, but that writing conveys those crazy thoughts in unique, social, and personal ways. Writing can change minds, push boundaries, and relay experiences. It’s hard not to get excited about that.

I am familiar with different writing forms and formats from MLA, to Chicago, to APA, to creative writing and manuscript formats. I have experience working with the publishing process and working with multimodal texts as well.

Writing is incredibly social throughout the whole writing process. I love helping writers engage in the writing process in new ways.

I prefer scientific writing. I enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy novels and occasionally historical fiction. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I feel when I produce a document in which I can take pride. Writing takes a lot of work, but the payoff is very satisfying. The majority of my skills involve writing scientific reports and manuscripts. I have submitted multiple grant proposals for review and manuscripts for publication. I have a solid grasp on grammar and sentence/paragraph structure. I look forward to helping students improve their writing skills and write better papers.

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