Meet Our Consultants

Each day our trained consultants assist students with their writing needs across the disciplines at East Carolina University.  Get to know them. They are ready to assist you!

My favorite type of writing is historical writing- I actually got into history in middle school when a homework assignment was to write a fake newspaper article about the Battle of Gettysburg. I enjoyed the assignment so much, I still do that from time to time with historical events today! (And yes, I did get an A!) What I love about writing is that with the proper voice and diction, every event documented in this world is explained differently, a microcosm of society as a whole.  My top writing skills are probably my prose and the ability to critique as a whole, and effectively convey an argument through writing. I look forward to developing my skills not only as a writer, but as a listener and counselor, and look forward to working with and helping others! 


I am a doctoral student in Biology, and I have a passion for science (especially biology), so the bulk of my writing experience is technical and scientific writing.This includes lab reports, research articles, literature reviews, research proposals and theses.I would also be able to help students with their CVs, personal statements (such as for graduate school or other applications), as well as other types of writing.I want to pursue a career in academia, so I’m looking forward to being a writing consultant in order to improve my editing skills and ability to give helpful feedback.


I enjoy myself the most by doing analytical writing. Because my strengths are found in my attention to detail and critical thinking, I find it satisfying to allow my writing style to grow through interpreting literature or cultural phenomena. Furthermore, writing allows me to expand more on my thoughts and to brainstorm more productively on paper than I would mentally. As a writing mentor for Spanish literature courses, I enjoy showing other students how to make the most of this analytical process as well, and demonstrating to them how the critical thinking skills they use in their writing can apply to myriad fields and genres. 


 I am a graduate student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders: Speech-Language Pathology. I completed my undergraduate studies here at ECU as well.  Throughout my time as a Pirate, I have been introduced to numerous writing styles, from creative to scientific. As my career path is scientifically focused, I am most comfortable using scientific writing and APA format. I have contributed to a scientific journal article accepted for publication in the online databases, as well as written research projects of my own. My goal, as a writing mentor, is to guide students in their writing process and help it become second nature to them.


I am an undergrad Theatre Arts major, and as a writer, I love to compose pieces that incorporate research on interesting topics. Understanding academic perspective [such as those which can be found in scholarly articles] cannot only expand ones own understanding of the subject, but can also create a springboard for one to generate his or her own ideas. My favorite part about writing with knowledge gained through research, is weaving together interesting pieces of information to ultimately strengthen the future reader’s understanding and perspective on a subject. Possibly contributing to someone’s outlook on the world is definitely one of the most exciting elements of writing.



I am an undergrad majoring in Elementary Education, and my favorite kinds of writing are research and comparative essays. I like being able to organize my ideas on paper to inform others or persuade them to believe in my ideas. I am skilled in organizing and developing essays through research, and I look forward to helping others and sharing of my enjoyment of writing with students.



Hello, I am an undergrad Theatre Arts major! Writing has been one of my passions ever since I was a little girl, and it has always been something I could fall back on when I’m not feeling very confident or comfortable with myself. I mostly love fictional writing—the more creative the better—but I do a lot of narrative works and essays for my classes, as well as some very strict reports that are mandatory for my major. I study in ECU’s theatre department as a stage manager, which keeps me remarkably busy. As a stage manager, I am always trying to expand and improve my social skills and my own ability to work well with others. Above all, I like to stress the importance of communication, positivity, and patience in the work place; I avoid situations that will lead to too much stress or tension in those environments. As such, I cannot wait to get the semester started and help students create pieces of work they can be proud of, but to discover new ways to enjoy writing as well, since it is such an important skill, no matter where you go.


C. Tyler

Writing gives people the option to write down what they sometimes can't say, which is why I find writing to be such a powerful tool. This tool can be used to help enhance understanding and further allow people to go in more depth on what exactly they are attempting to explain. For me, writing allows me to express and explicitly analyze my thoughts. I know how easy it can be for life to become so hectic that sometimes it's hard to hear that little voice inside of our heads; when I write, that little voice becomes a lot louder. 


I am an undergrad majoring in Art Education and Illustration. I love reading analyses of films, especially film noir. My favorite facet of writing is the adaptability of the English language and the ability to manipulate tone to create endless forms of writing for varying audiences. I consider myself an effective persuasive essayist and I enjoy explaining abstract concepts in writing. I’m ecstatic to be working here at the UWC.



I like literature and other writing that is informative and clear. I like that writing allows people to compose and express their thoughts and feelings as beautifully and clearly as their language will allow. I know how to write, which is a good start. I can write clearly, communicating complex ideas simply and eloquently. I am excited to help people gain a greater authority over their ability to express themselves to others. 


I am a graduate student in English. My favorite kind of writing is poetry. Poetry allows you to express multiple sentiments in a single work. It also requires you to think. That, actually, is what I love most about writing. When it comes to my writing skills, I can say that I am pretty good with grammar. I look forward to reading some pretty amazing papers and helping out in any way that I can.



My favorite type of writing is rhetorical and research writing since I love history and am fascinated by how influential people have used rhetoric to powerfully articulate their views. I like how writing enables me to express my thoughts clearly and concisely on a book or issue I care about. As a consultant, I am skilled at helping students with various citation formats such as APA and Chicago since I learn something new about them every day. I also feel skilled with generating a thesis and organizing information to make thoughts flow logically. Every day I look forward to making other ECU students feel confident and comfortable approaching writing. I enjoy learning with the students I work with too, since even I do not know everything, and I hope students realize they are always learning. 


I am a graduate student in English, and I have a knack for writing in general. No matter the topic, I am able to engage in an in-depth collaborative conversation in which we both can gain from. More importantly, my favorite thing about writing is that there is no right or WRONG answer. Each individual is about to relay ideas to the audience of their choice in a way that they feel most comfortable. As a writer I am able to configure general ideas in various creative and distinct ways. I look forward to working with all of my fellow pirates; as we are able to learn from one another.



I am a Graduate student in the department of Geology and I enjoy research and science-based writing. This style of writing allows for the creativity of coming up with a hypothesis and the structure of designing your own experiment. This dynamic balance really brings a paper to life. I look forward to helping students convey originality within their papers. I enjoy seeing others succeed by becoming the best writer they can be!


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I am a graduate student in English, and I am excited to work with all writers as a writing consultant. Writing is a part of all that we do and I am eager to work collaboratively with the writers that visit our space. I most enjoy working with rhetorical analyses and reflective writing. However, I am excited to work with writers across all disciplines. Writing is a journey and one that can be messy at times. From trying to brainstorm ideas for an assignment to helping with final edits, I am happy to help writers with every stage of the writing process!


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My favorite kind of writing is reflective, which is what is required in philosophical papers. I also am interested in APA style since I am a psychology major. In writing, I enjoy the opportunity to express my thoughts and information gathered through research. Along with the ability to write, I have experience in argument analysis. As a consultant, I hope to not only help other students by giving them the tools to become a better writer, I would like to become a better writer myself. 


I am an undergraduate consultant majoring in Child Life with a focus on helping children and families cope through medical experiences and normalizing hospital settings.I love writing and helping others write because it is a multidimensional form of communication. It is a means of providing technical information, an avenue of expressing feelings, a way of conveying thoughts, and so much more. I successfully help writers get their “creative juices flowing.” Whether the task is brainstorming a topic, creating a thesis sentence, effectively phrasing an idea, or writing a conclusion, writers need intrinsic motivation and a broad range of ideas. I also coach writers through analyzing and expressing their thoughts so that their intentions can be clearly written with higher-level language. I work with writers so that we as a team can generate and/or improve the writer’s piece of work. By working together, we learn skills and gain knowledge from each other that may go beyond one particular assignment.


Laura D

I am an undergrad majoring in nursing. Writing often does not get the credit it deserves because of the experiences many students have with it over their academic career. However, it is writing that gives students a voice amongst a crowd. Each assignment should be unique to the mind of the author because the entire purpose is to effectively convey their ideas to their audience. I personally prefer a rhetorical analysis because of the creativity it allows but have experience in a broad range of writing, and new assignments are interesting to me. I look forward to experiencing the ideas that students have and helping them to improve on sharing their ideas with others. Once I’m able to work through this feat with my fellow Pirates and get near the end of the writing process, I also have an interest in the mechanics of writing so that words that sound right to an author can also be understood by any audience.



I am an undergrad majoring in Health Services Management. My favorite kind of writing is business writing, such as formal letters, memos, reports, and short informative pieces. I like writing because it comes so naturally to me and once I know what I am going to be writing about, it just spills out onto the paper. I have organizational skills in my writing which give me the ability to write concise and smooth-flowing pieces. As a writing consultant, I hope to help students advance their writing skills while also expanding my own.



My favorite kind of writing is literary analysis, research essays, and creative writing. I love to write because it is a permanent form of expressing thoughts and ideas about what I have learned in my reading and research. The ideas from brainstorming and research become real when I write; and that solidification is rewarding! My writing skills include brainstorming ideas for research, developing a strong thesis and general organization/formatting. As the first DE writing consultant at the UWC, I am elated to be a part of this growing team! I look forward to working with other students with hope to share in the rewarding experience of writing. I also want to continue sharpening my writing skills as I try to learn something new every day! Go Pirates! 


I love research-based writing. What I enjoy about writing is the research that goes into preparing for writing (thesis, paper, article) and then disseminating the information to others. Since I like research, the final product ends up being a source that helps others to learn about a particular topic. I typically have resources at hand to help fine-tune my writing or even get the writing process started. I am also very strong with grammar, punctuation, and bibliography. As a consultant, I look forward to being involved in the ECU community as well as learning from others to improve my own writing skills. Go Pirates! 

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I am a graduate student in Education (Elementary). While my favorite kind of writing is most notably fiction, I find that I am very proficient in writing academic research papers. I love being able to research and find information from a variety of sources as well as organizing that information in an effective manner to convey the true purpose of the paper. I love writing because it allows individuals to express their ideas, passions, and interests to the world no matter their level of expertise or background. It was Virginia Woolf who said, "Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works." To me, writing is a reflection of one's true self. My strengths in writing include: APA formatting, academic research, and general organization and structure of papers. I look forward to working with a diverse population of writers, and I hope that we will learn and grow together during our time at the University Writing Center.      



I love writing for the potential power it has. As I continue to progress through education and develop my writing, I realize the critical role writing has in bringing light to issues and adding to critical conversations in my field. I enjoy writing literature reviews as well as analysis papers. My strongest skill in writing is mapping and planning content. I look forward to reading papers from other fields and helping fellow students to develop their writing skills. 


I am a graduate student in English. Originally from the UK, I have been a resident in the US since 2009. My career in spanned nearly 25 years, with a focus on Social History or access, intellectual, physical, sensory.


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Hey what’s up hello! I am a an undergrad journalism major from Philadelphia, PA. As a writing center consultant, I look forward to learning with and from other students. My favorite kind of writing, so far, is research and rhetorical analysis papers. I find success in critically thinking about specific topics and articulating those thoughts into words on a paper. Being able to understand something and write about it is always rewarding. I enjoy reading everything from books to random advertisements because the more you read the better you write. Go Pirates!


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I arrived at ECU from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a graduate student in the geology department. My personal writing is concentrated on my thesis and geology coursework. However, believe it not, my favorite writing always involved art or English courses, especially 19th century literature. My writing strengths include structure, grammar, and mastering “who vs. whom.” As a writing consultant, I hope to help students become confident and successful writers within academia.


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I am an undergrad Art Education major. My favorite kinds of writing are free writing, drama, and science fiction. I love the freedom of writing because I believe a part of me and my essence as a person is imprinted along with my words in my writing.  I love the writing process (whenever I am not under time pressure) and see it as a similar process as art is. With my major, I learned how much the process of things is as critical as the end result and are intrinsically connected. I am able to write in my first language—Portuguese—as well as in English. I look forward to interacting with writers and staff and enhancing my own writing while helping others to improve their writing also.



I am a graduate student in English, and I am a huge fan of African-American literature. I like to compare different eras of literature and find what influence authors throughout their work. I look forward to learning from my peers as well as from other students who visit the UWC. I love to research different topics. (The library is my second home.)



Teresa Bryson is from Pennsylvania and is a first semester English/MA student. She worked with a literary magazine as an undergrad and her MA concentration is creative writing. Her favorite kind of writing is fiction because you are only limited by your imagination. She also has experience producing newsletter articles, along with blog entries and magazine articles. Teresa is looking forward to learning new tutoring techniques and sharpening her writing skills through being a writing consultant.


Tyler B

It is my opinion that research writing, while being an integral part of every college student's life, remains untapped and under utilized. Since my arrival at ECU, I have engaged in several forms of writing; chief among them, academic research writing. Because of this, I have become comfortable and familiar with research writing, documentation, and proofing. I have received guidance in research writing and methods over my three-year period at East Carolina University. It is my hope that my knowledge of this particular skill set is both useful and applicable to fellow Pirates, as well. 

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I am an undergrad Nursing major. I was born in Connecticut, yet I love the southern hospitality and atmosphere North Carolina provides. I am a hard working nursing major and my favorite courses include anatomy and organic chemistry. I began mentoring because I could not silence my love for English. By becoming a writing mentor I was able to maintain my major and still offer services to the community in a subject I truly enjoy. I look forward to working with you all and watching your academic knowledge base grow.