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Each day our trained consultants assist students with their writing needs across the disciplines at East Carolina University.  Get to know them. They are ready to assist you!

Alex M

Writing has proven a passion of mine since a very early age. My time at East Carolina University has only caused my love of writing to flourish. Within my majors, History and Philosophy, I have produced several research papers among other shorter formal writings. There is no greater place to work and develop one’s writing skills than the Humanities and I am grateful for the immense amount of information my discipline has taught me to date. Putting thoughts on a page and allowing the words running through my head to become something more, to become a unique piece of literature, drives me as writer. As a writing consultant, I hope to ignite the passion for writing in other students and allow myself to be of aid to those who wish to fan the creative fire burning within them.


I am pursuing a Middle Grades Education degree with concentrations in Math and English. I love creative writing. I like writing because it's an outlet for me. I consider myself proficient in sentence structure and grammar.I am looking forward to getting to know new people in the writing center and helping students make the most out of their classes this semester!


I am a doctoral student in Biology, and I have a passion for science (especially biology), so the bulk of my writing experience is technical and scientific writing.  This includes lab reports, research articles, literature reviews, research proposals and theses.  I would also be able to help students with their CVs, personal statements (such as for graduate school or other applications), as well as other types of writing. I want to pursue a career in academia, so I’m looking forward to being a writing consultant in order to improve my editing skills and ability to give helpful feedback.

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My name is Anna. I'm a graduate student in the Maritime Studies program. I earned my BA in English and Women's Studies from Appalachian State. My favorite type of writing is probably narrative. I love how writing can be used to express thoughts and explore curiosities. The ability to write clearly and persuasively is one of the most important skills a person could possess. I look forward to helping my fellow students develop and improve their writing skills.


I’m a first year Grad student majoring in English with an eye toward teaching college-level English and composition. My writing catalogue covers academic composition, journalism, professional and technical writing and composition in the emerging digital spaces. While traditional writing is where I’m rooted, I look forward to exploring new modes of composition and learning with everyone who makes use of the University Writing Center.

Brandon Hardy

I'm a PhD student in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication, and I've been a writing consultant for over four years. Writing center studies are my primary research interest, so I'm very excited about the work I do, which is helping you at any stage of the process!

Brittany 2017

I am an Elementary Education major with a concentration in general science. I have experience with writing memos, many research papers, cover letters, consulting proposals, and blog posts. Research papers and blog posts are my favorite types of writing because I love researching interesting topics, but I also enjoy how casual a blog post can be. I enjoy writing because it's a creative outlet. It allows me to explain my thoughts and thought process thoroughly. My skills with writing fall under the process of beginning and polishing a paper. I am well equipped to help you with organizing paragraphs, working on the flow of your paper, correcting minor errors, and giving you the tools you need to succeed with further writings. As a writing consultant, I am most excited about making connections with my peers and helping them navigate through the process of writing.


Cameron is a first year graduate student at East Carolina University who is currently pursuing his master's in English. While Cameron's primary focus is creative writing, his love of literature and rhetoric is something that he takes with him on any endeavor. Cameron has written short stories, poetry, and screenplays, and in 2014, one of Cameron's short film screenplays was selected as a finalist for the American Movie Awards short script competition. Most recently, Cameron was selected as the recipient of the 2016 Bill Hallberg award in Creative Writing. 

One of my favorite things about writing is discovering and cultivating your own style, and using it to better express yourself. Sometimes I find it easier to do so in writing rather than verbally. My writing skills are the most proficient in my creative writing/story writing, however I am rather adept at academic writing as well. My favorite kind of writing is creative, as it is what I do the most often. My original intention was to use my B.A. in English to help me become an author, and publish some of my work. I'm looking forward to exercising my writing skills to help others, and by extension help others sharpen their own skills and develop their own writing style.

Hi there! I am a Graduate student at ECU, studying English. While completing courses and after graduating from ECU (with a degree in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication), I worked for the Walt Disney Company, so most of my hands-on writing experience has been in a professional setting. I love words and the way they can be altered to create different tones and statements. I learned through my experience in the professional world just how important it is to make what you say clear and to work to be a concise writer. I truly look forward to helping students see how important (and fun!) writing can be, even if it’s nothing more than an email to a colleague.

I am a graduate student in English, and I have a knack for writing in general. No matter the topic, I am able to engage in an in-depth collaborative conversation in which we both can gain from. More importantly, my favorite thing about writing is that there is no right or WRONG answer. Each individual is about to relay ideas to the audience of their choice in a way that they feel most comfortable. As a writer I am able to configure general ideas in various creative and distinct ways. I look forward to working with all of my fellow pirates; as we are able to learn from one another.


I am a graduate student in English and my background is in writing and literature. I appreciate writing because it grants us with the power to express ourselves and effectively communicate with our audience. My experience lies in academic writing, literary analyses, rhetorical analyses, critical theory, and professional writing. Additionally, I enjoy storytelling and cultural rhetorics. As a consultant, I intend to share what I know about writing and learn as much as I can from fellow students in return. 

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I am a sophomore EC Scholar studying English Secondary Education. As a future English teacher who believes in the power and necessity of effective writing, I love working with others through the writing process. My interests include literary criticism, rhetorical analysis, and using logic to craft arguments. My favorite thing about writing is that everyone has the power to write something that has never been written before. Through our writing we can bring order and clarity to complex thoughts and emotions! I personally enjoy writing anecdotes and developing arguments for analysis. My biggest goal is to help writers develop sentence variety and other stylistic elements that take writing to the next level. What I am most excited about is developing relationships with clients and sharing my love for writing with my fellow pirates! 


Hi! I'm Hope and I'm majoring in Forensic Science. I am really familiar with scientific papers, research papers and lab reports. My favorite kind of writing is creative writing. I don't get to do it often because the writing in my field is based around fact and data. I have my "Writer's Toolkit" which was something I never knew existed until a professor (R. Nancy) introduced it to me. My toolkit is something that I implement on every paper I write. I look forward to working with my fellow Pirates in the UWC and sharing this idea of a toolkit. I know the alleviation I got after my own sessions with consultants at UWC for papers I stressed over and would love to pass that feeling and sense of relief to others! I hope to help them develop ideas and concepts to really blossom within their writing, while helping me become a better writer too!



For me, writing gives the opportunity to express thoughts in a clearly organized and well thought out manner. It allows for a thought to be revised and planned prior to it being revealed. This aspect of writing is very powerful as it is something that verbal conversation lacks. I enjoy writing various forms of informational writing because of the planning involved to convey the desired message. As a writer, I am a huge believer in the importance of planning and organization. A few minutes of planning can prevent hours of troubles later in the writing piece. I am eager to work with those in the writing center because the writing consultant position offers a unique chance to exchange skills and learn all while bettering each other. 

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I am currently a sophomore and I am majoring in English Education. I enjoy many different genres of literature, but I enjoy creative writing the best. I love to write fiction in various forms, whether it is a short story, essay or just a few random sentences on scrap paper. What I enjoy most about writing is the sense of independence it gives me. I feel like I can go in any direction I want when writing a piece, and the thought that I can take a single idea and write it a hundred different ways is amazing. While I have no prior professional writing experience, I often collaborate with friends and give feedback on their papers, as well as ask for feedback on my own writings. I am very familiar with MLA format. My best skills with writing is I can be very creative. I can take a topic and come up with multiple ways to express that topic throughout my paper. This is a great skill because it allows the writer to have options. As a consultant, I could help writers by giving them much encouragement to build their confidence in their own writing. This is an essential skill to be a successful writer because you must have confidence in your own work if you want to persuade your readers to agree with your thesis or for them to understand your reason for writing the paper in the first place. I also hope to help writers create a concise, well-developed essay, with smooth transitions from each preceding paragraph that speaks clearly and efficiently to their audience. I could not be more excited to begin my job in the UWC and what I look forward to the most is working with my fellow pirates and helping them learn and grow as a writer, and in return I hope to learn things about myself and my writings so I can continue to grow as well. As an English Education major and future educator, this job opportunity will be a remarkable experience for me, and will assist me in becoming the best writer and teacher I could hope to be.



I have always been fascinated by the folklore and cultures of the world. Despite our many differences, I see art, especially writing and story-telling, as a way to bring people together. The common ground we find in story-telling and the themes that span the centuries are what really define human nature in my opinion. My best writing skills are for literary analysis because I love the many deeper meanings that can be drawn from a single work from different people. Creative writing and argumentative writing, which use rather varied writing skills like literary devices and rhetorical devices, are also my forte. I am looking forward to sharing my love of writing and helping other students see how enjoyable writing can be.  


I am an undergraduate consultant majoring in Child Life with a focus on helping children and families cope through medical experiences and normalizing hospital settings.I love writing and helping others write because it is a multidimensional form of communication. It is a means of providing technical information, an avenue of expressing feelings, a way of conveying thoughts, and so much more. I successfully help writers get their “creative juices flowing.” Whether the task is brainstorming a topic, creating a thesis sentence, effectively phrasing an idea, or writing a conclusion, writers need intrinsic motivation and a broad range of ideas. I also coach writers through analyzing and expressing their thoughts so that their intentions can be clearly written with higher-level language. I work with writers so that we as a team can generate and/or improve the writer’s piece of work. By working together, we learn skills and gain knowledge from each other that may go beyond one particular assignment.

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I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. I enjoy research writing and my experience is primarily in APA formatting. I love helping writers brainstorm topics for their assignments, research scholarly articles, and organize their content in a cohesive manner. As a writing consultant, I look forward to helping other students express their ideas through writing. I hope to help my fellow students strengthen their writing and feel confident of their writing abilities. 


I’m a nursing major with a strong interest in writing and helping students to convey their ideas. Writing often does not get the credit it deserves because of the experiences many students have with it over their academic career. However, it is writing that gives students a voice amongst a crowd. Each assignment should be unique to the mind of the author because the entire purpose is to effectively convey their ideas to their audience. I personally prefer a rhetorical analysis because of the creativity it allows but have experience in a broad range of writing, and new assignments are interesting to me. I look forward to experiencing the ideas that students have and helping them to improve on sharing their ideas with others. Once I’m able to work through this feat with my fellow Pirates and get near the end of the writing process, I also have an interest in the mechanics of writing so that words that sound right to an author can also be understood by any audience.

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Hi! My name is Mary Kathryn. I'm a Political Science major with minor in English. I have been writing since I was old enough to comprehend the English language. I love to creative write. I am have a great deal of experience in writing essays, specifically research essays and argumentative essays. I appreciate the research behind the writing and I love to learn new things. If you're looking for a consultant that can provide in-depth criticism, I'm your girl!!


Hi, I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching-English Education. My favorite type of writing is research writing. I have been research writing for a long time, so I am most comfortable with it. I enjoy working with people on grammar, MLA formatting, and paper organization. I am patient, and I understand the frustration of writing.  I am approachable and always here to help.  

Matthew 2017

Because of my background in biology and chemistry, scientific writing is my strength. I've composed quite a few formal lab reports and quantitative research papers during my time at ECU. However, the rigid structure of the sciences makes me value the freedom and creativity of fiction writing and poetry. I value writing so highly because it allows people and ideas to transcend the limits of time and space to communicate valuable ideas. As a tutor, I hope to work with a variety of unique writers to create pieces that accurately convey the message they wish to send.

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My name is Melissa Glen. I am a sophomore Communication and Political Science major at ECU. I have been involved with writing ever since I joined my high school newspaper. I was the editor in chief my senior year, and now I work for the ECU newspaper in the news section. I like writing, because it is a way of expressing valuable ideas, emotions and memories. It is a way of keeping something forever that could otherwise be lost. I am skilled at developing free flowing transitions in papers. I am also good at writing introductions which get the thesis statement across to the readers. I have had experience with science research papers, english papers, history papers, personal statements and creative writing papers. I am looking forward to being able to help people discover their own talents with writing. I want people to see writing is something everyone can be good at with time.



I'm a graduate student with experience in writing education, nursing, synthesis, and English papers. My favorite part of the writing process is definitely brainstorming, but I also love helping writers research interesting articles for their papers, organize their content, and better understand the assignment. While APA formatting is my favorite, I can confidently locate resources for any formatting style.


I am an undergraduate student majoring in Nursing. My interest in writing is sparked by its outlet that allows the mind to wonder; there is no end to writing! My happy place in writing is journaling about my ideas, interests, and passions. The beauty I see in journaling comes from its ability to make my dreams my reality. Organization and consistency are my strengths in writing, and I intend to help others strengthen their writing in these areas. I look forward to working with writers throughout all stages of the writing process, as well as witness their writing and ideas flourish!

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My background is in scholarly writing, particularly for research. I also have a strong interest in consumer-based blog writing. I enjoy writing because it gives you a chance to stand out. Whether it is for ourselves or for others, for fictional or scientific writing, every piece written involves putting a piece of yourself in it. I enjoy all types of writing, with my personal favorite style being persuasive essays. I’m looking forward to connecting with people who desire to improve their writing capability and discover their own style and expertise as we work together in the writing center.


I am a graduate student majoring in English, specifically Multicultural and Transnational Literatures. My B.A. is in English Literature with a minor in Professional Writing. I enjoy all types of writing, from rhetorical analysis to journalism – and everything in between! I like to focus on brainstorming, thesis statements/development, and essay organization. I am most familiar with MLA format. I look forward to working with writers of all disciplines as a writing consultant. Just as each writer is unique, so is every piece of writing.

Hello, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Architectural Design. My favorite type of writing is rhetorical analyses. I enjoy this writing style because it allows the writer to convey their thoughts on the work that they read. I love writing due to the fact it is such a free form of expression that allows people to express themselves in anyway they’d like. Personally, I love to plan so the initial planning and organizing of the material appeals to me. Before sitting down to write, all the “creative juices” are unorganized so planning out an essay gives a good sense of structure. I look forward to helping students strengthen their writing skills as well as my own. Writing not only helps get good grades in the moment but also in the long run with future employers. I look forward to working with every student I get the opportunity to. 


My name is Seaver, and I love how creative you can be in writing. Writing is an activity where you can just let your mind run free and let the words flow. I have quite a bit of experience writing in Philosophy. I look forward to helping people in the writing center to make their papers better. I like creative writing and learning new writing techniques from other people. I enjoy writing thoroughly, and thinking through how to format papers correctly. 

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I’m a Communication major, a creative writer and a journalist. As a sophomore, I interned at ECU News Services, writing Pirate Profiles and features for ECU’s website. I also founded the Creative Writing Club at ECU. I believe writing gives us a voice. It makes sense of our scattered thoughts and says what we, at times, cannot. E. L. Doctorow put it best when he said, “Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” I think in lyrics and poems, but I have experience expressing thoughts and opinions through nonfiction as well. Literary analysis, argumentative essays and journalistic articles are among my favorites. My goal is to help others form words out of the wild ideas and unspoken thoughts that just can’t seem to reach the paper. I can’t wait to help others hone their skills and find their voice.


My favorite kind of writing is poetry. I love that poetry is all about personal interpretation of the piece and I love that everyone could have their own original stance on the same poem. What I love about writing is that it is so personal to every person. I also think writing can be a good outlet for personal opinions. I think my strength when it comes to writing is being able to articulate my viewpoint in a manner that makes people more aware of certain issues. As a consultant, I look forward to helping others discover their niche when writing.


My favorite kind of writing is expository or discussion types of papers, because it forces the writer to entertain more than one viewpoint, without holding any sort of bias. What I like about writing is that it allows you to compartmentalize all of your thoughts and research on paper, enabling for a more constructive model of thinking. My writing skills range from formal essays to free-flowing fiction, but I'm mostly interested in anything that requires deep, critical thinking, such as subjects like philosophy. I'm looking forward to sharing the writing tips and techniques that I've learned over the years with anyone seeking consultation.


I am a graduate student in English and I love writing. Creative writing is my favorite as it allows the writer to express themselves and share a connection with the reader. I’ve been a part of two editorial staffs, which has improved my own writing and helped me appreciate all aspects of writing. I look forward to helping people become better writers!