The UWC is open and available to students, faculty, and staff to work with prepared undergraduate and graduate writing consultants on writing at any stage of the writing process. Writers tend to benefit from having some idea of what they would like to discuss and work on in their writing consultation. For example, writers can consider various aspects of their writing assignment or where they are in their writing process for discussion during the session.

Writing consultants are also prepared to visit classes and set up peer response groups, so students can provide feedback on each other’s writing, and consultants can provide guidance for subsequent peer review sessions.

While the UWC is here to work with writers, writing consultants do not evaluate an entire piece of writing, grade or anticipate a grade on a paper, edit a piece of writing dropped off by students, or do writing for a student. Rather, consultants work with writers on specific skills in writing, revising, and editing. The goal of writing consultation is to work with the individual writer, providing strategies to build on strengths and overcome challenges.

In addition to offering individual writing assistance, the UWC also oversees the Writing Mentor Program. After successfully completing the Peer Tutoring course, students or experienced writing consultants may serve as Writing Mentors. The Writing Mentors program at ECU embeds consultants in specific Writing Intensive courses. Writing Mentors act as facilitators for good writing by offering suggestions for revision and discussing strategies that will enable students to communicate their thoughts and ideas for course assignments effectively. Writing Mentors will also be able to help course instructors plan effective means of teaching writing.

Any questions or concerns about the University Writing Center can be directed to the Director, Dr. Nicole Caswell, by email at or by calling 737-1090.