Face To Face 


If you are a strong academic writer and enjoy interacting with other students, becoming a University Writing Center consultant or mentor may be an ideal opportunity for you. Our consultants and mentors are graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines who are all accomplished writers. They wanted to put their talents to work helping others become better writers. Perhaps you could too.

Students interested in becoming a UWC Consultant should consider enrolling for the Peer Tutoring course, offered in Spring semesters. They will be given hiring priority if students successfully complete the course. The Peer Tutoring course is currently a Writing Intensive English course (ENGL 3875). During the course, we look at some historical writing center research as well as more recent conceptions of writing work to understand and answer ‘what is a writing center?’. Beyond looking at writing center research, we will focus on ways to help you learn strategies to help student writers in either a writing center context or a writing mentor context. The goal of the course is to help students work with writers and improve their own writing skills.

We invite you to apply to the UWC by clicking on the link  below and submitting the application that matches your interest:

Undergraduate Consultant

Graduate Consultant or Mentor 

Or you may contact us with any questions you have. You can also explore the About Us section of our site to learn more about tutoring at the University Writing Center.