Overview of Services for Faculty

One of the purposes of the University Writing Center is to provide support for instructors of writing courses. Our consultants are qualified to make classroom visits and are happy to provide mini-presentations as you see fit.

Consultants can give short presentations to classes on any aspect of the writing process from brainstorming to editing. They can also give short to extended presentations on the UWC’s hours, locations and services. If you are interested in a presentation on writing or on the UWC, please contact the director, Nikki Caswell (

Other means of faculty support come from working with your students in the UWC. The way we help students with their writing depends on the stage of the writing and the needs of the writer. We prioritize high-order concerns (e.g. thesis, organization, paragraph structure) before moving to low-order concerns (e. g. mechanics, grammar, sentence structure). We provide students with a reader-response reflection on their writing, negotiate what to focus on for revision with the students, and show them how to apply revisions in future writing. Students can request to have session reports emailed to you at the end of their sessions.

We know that we cannot replace your role in assisting students. We do not judge comments or grades students may receive, nor do we evaluate assignments or syllabi. What we can do is provide students with one-on-one sessions for which your valuable time may not allow.

We are in the process of making more resources for instructors available online. Please check back frequently for updates.

For now, more information about Writing Intensive courses - including materials for class presentations - is available at the Writing Across the Curriculum web site.