Graduate Students

At the UWC, we regularly work with graduate students. Because of the kinds of writing that graduate students do, there are some things you should keep in mind as you plan a visit to the UWC.

Graduate student writing is often longer than undergraduate writing.
That sounds obvious, but it's important to plan for. It means we probably won't have time to review an entire document in one session at the writing center. If you have questions about specific sections of your writing, be sure to ask those early in the session so we can focus on those concerns. If you just want a "general read", we'll review some of your writing looking for patterns. Keeping those patterns in mind, we can suggest revision strategies for you to implement after the session. Finally, if you'd like to review more of the writing in detail, you'll probably want to consider visiting the UWC multiple times.

Graduate student writing is often more specialized.
That might be obvious, too. Our staff of consultants comes from a variety of majors and programs across the university, which means you might work with someone who isn't familiar with the latest research in your field. That doesn't mean we can't still help. We can help with broader writing concerns, like organization, focus, audience, style, and mechanics. Addressing those will help you communicate your content even more successfully.

Graduate student writing includes theses and dissertations.
These are kinds of the longer writing you'll do as graduate students, but they also come with more specific expectations and formats that are determined by our graduate school. That means, in addition to the UWC, there are other resources you'll want to explore. ECU's Graduate School provides many of these resources, including directions, forms, and even workshops, here: