Group Project Help

We're glad to help writers working on group projects. Writing collaboratively has certain benefits, but also brings other challenges (and usually more steps) to the writing process. As a result, sessions about a group writing project can look a little different than a typical tutoring session, and they come with slightly different expectations.

Just One Part
Often in group projects, different members write different sections of a larger document. If you--as the author of one section--want to visit the UWC for help with just your part, that meeting will look the most like our typical tutoring session. We'll work with you to answer any questions you have about your own writing or the expectations of the project. We can make suggestions about the writing and help plan your further revisions.

Working Together
Because we expect that several members of a group will contribute to the writing, we welcome everyone in the group to come visit at the same time. That way, our consultant can meet with all the members to discuss the writing and make plans together to continue working on the piece. One of the challenges of group writing is finding a consistent voice and style, and talking all together can help achieve that more quickly.

"The Group Editor"
If one person from the group has been selected to compile other members' writing and wants to visit the writing center individually, we welcome that, too. Sometimes it's hard to coordinate schedules for a group visit, so we understand only one group member visiting. But this comes with different expectations.

Normally our goal at the UWC is to work directly with a writer to improve not only a piece of writing, but that writer's own process or understanding of writing in general. When working with a "group editor", our goal will still be to offer explanation or instruction so that the editor can continue revision of the writing and understand how their role fits into the larger writing process. It will be up to the editor, after the session, to decide how much work to do independent of the group or what information to relay to other members.

However you choose to integrate the UWC into your group writing process, we look forward to working with you.