The University Writing Center now offers two kinds of mentoring opportunities for faculty, Writing Mentors and Consultant Mentors. Please check out these great opportunities below!

Writing Mentors are writing consultants that work with students in specific writing intensive courses. Mentors act as facilitators for good writing, both inside and outside the classroom, by offering suggestions for revision and discussing strategies that will enable students to communicate their thoughts and ideas for course assignments effectively. Click here to Meet Our Mentors!

To nominate a student to take ENGL 3875: Peer Tutoring please complete the Student Nominations form.

Each instructor and writing mentor will determine the precise nature and structure of the work that the writing mentor will do, so activities that writing mentors engage in include:

  • Meeting with students in face-to-face or virtual environments at any stage of their writing (pre-writing, drafting/writing, revising, editing, etc.).
  • Meeting with students in small groups, either during in-class sessions (ex. peer review) or out-of-class tutoring sessions in the writing center.
  • Leading short workshops on writing topics or issues such as introductions, thesis statements, clarity/concision, plagiarism, proper citation (APA, MLA, CSE, Chicago,etc).

  • Providing written comments on drafts of student work.

It is also important to keep in mind that a writing mentor is not:


A guarantee that every student in the course will succeed or improve as a writer.

A proofreader or editor for students in the class.

A teaching assistant capable of taking the place of the instructor in the classroom.

Note: Applications for Fall 2018 Writing Mentors are now available.

Faculty wishing to work with a Writing Mentor must complete an application process in which they will be asked to provide information about the size, duration, and delivery method of the course, as well as details about the major writing assignments and the instructor’s initial ideas for how she or he might productively use the Mentor over the course of the semester. Applications will be solicited and regularly reviewed by administrators of the University Writing Program and the Quality Enhancement Plan, with Writing Mentors assigned as appropriate and possible.

Writing Mentor Application Form

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*Due April 9th

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New Opportunity! 

 The University Writing Center is pleased to announce a new opportunity for ECU faculty to have the assistance of the UWC in the classroom, Consultant Liaisons


Consultant Liaisons are writing consultants assigned 5-hours to a course that incorporates writing. CLs work closely with instructors to understand the goals and experiences of writing assignments & then brings that knowledge back to the the UWC staff.


For complete information, check out our informational PDF.

Apply for a Consultant Liaison below!

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3 Models for Integrating Writing Mentors Into Your Course
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Designing Your Syllabus

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Class & Mentor Activities
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