Writing-Intensive (WI) Curriculum

Students enrolling at East Carolina University must fulfill the writing across the curriculum requirement prior to graduation. To do so, each student must complete a minimum of 12 s.h. of writing intensive courses, including ENGL 1100, 1200; at least one 3 s.h. writing intensive course in the major; and any other 3 s.h. writing intensive course of the student’s choice. All second degree students will be required to complete at least 3 s.h. of writing intensive course work in the major. 

Writing intensive courses/sections of courses are identified each semester in the course schedule listing and will be designated WI on the student’s transcript. All writing intensive courses are designated with the WI tag in the Undergraduate Catalog.

WI Course Syllabi

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee expects all instructors teaching WI courses to have an explicit statement on each syllabus to indicate that the course is part of the WAC program at ECU. Each WI syllabus should have the following statement on them each semester:
Writing Intensive (WI)
 ___________ [insert course prefix, number, and section] is a writing intensive course in the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at East Carolina University. This course will focus on the development of writing skills. Upon completion of the course students will: 
1. Use writing to investigate complex, relevant topics and address significant questions through engagement with and effective use of credible sources. 
2. Produce writing that reflects an awareness of context, purpose, and audience, particularly within the written genres (Including genres that integrate writing with visuals, audio or other multimodal components) of their major disciplines and/or career fields. 
3. Demonstrate that they understand writing as a process that can be made more effective though drafting revision. 
4. Proofread and edit their own writing, avoiding grammatical and mechanical errors. 
5. Assess and explain the major choices that they make in their writing. 
This course contributes to the twelve-hour WI requirement for students at ECU. Additional information is available at the following site: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/fsonline/wc/wc.cfm.

WI Transfer Credit

A course will transfer into ECU as WI under two conditions. The course must either be a writing intensive course in a writing across the curriculum program at the university or college where it was taken and/or the course must have the words “writing” or “communication” (e.g., “Writing for Business and Industry” or “Business Communications”) in the course title. Courses meeting either of these two criteria will be accepted as WI and count as writing intensive for ECU degree requirements.

Writing Intensive Courses at ECU