Applying for WI Designation for a Course

WI Course Designation

To be designated as Writing Intensive, courses must be proposed to and approved by the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee. To help develop course proposals and understand the expectations of a WI course, please review the various WI Course Models. While instructors may use the different WI Course models as guides for course development, they are not required to strictly abide by them.

New and Existing Course Proposals

Electronic submission of Writing Intensive course proposals should be sent to Brandi Hasty ( TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled committee meeting. The original signature form should be brought to the meeting. Included in your packet should be:
  • • the completed WI Course Proposal Form,
  • • a copy of a sample syllabus for the course, and
  • • a letter of support from the unit head.

Faculty proposing the course will be given time on the WAC Committee agenda to present their course and answer any questions the committee may have.

Writing Intensive Course Proposal Form

Removing the WI Designation from a Course

To remove the WI designation from a current course, department chairs, unit heads, or undergraduate coordinators should send an email to the chair of the WAC Committee, Hector Garza ( including the following information:
  • • indication of which courses you are requesting to have the WI designation removed from,
  • • a brief explanation for the request,
  • • documentation that your program will continue to offer enough WI courses in the major to allow students to meet WI graduation requirements if the WI designation is removed from the course, and
  • • documentation of correspondence with other degree programs/majors that might be impacted by this change (e.g., If accounting uses a WI business course to count as a WI requirement for their degree program, removing a WI designation from a business course impacts accounting).

This request should be made at least TWO WEEKS prior to the meeting at which you would like the item considered.

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