Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum


Model 2: WI Courses Emphasizing Professional Writing

This option emphasizes the kinds of writing students will do on the job - writing unique to the specific discipline. The goal of writing assignments in these courses is to prepare students to understand the audience and purpose for professional documents and to give them practice in writing techniques to accomplish that purpose.

Students should write a minimum of 20-25 pages of edited professional writing in a writing-intensive course. The following assignments or variations of them would be acceptable uses of professional writing in a WI course:

  • 1 professional report of 10-15 pages, in multiple drafts, and 2 short "preparation" writings, such as summaries, critiques, syntheses, lab reports, memos, letters, etc.
  • OR, 4-5 short writing assignments (5 pages each) such as assessment reports, validation studies, planning documents, or cumulative reports appropriate to a specific department or discipline.
  • OR, any other comparable assignments totaling approximately 20-25 pages of EDITED professional writing.