Student Resources - The Reading/Writing Connection

Handouts, Slideshows, Etc.

Active Reading

This handout provides tips for actively engaging with reading material, offering tips such as highlighting, writing in the margins, and indicating connections. 

An Invitation to Join the Conversation

This exercise allows a writer to practice engaging with a text to create meaning from it.  

How to Read Like a Writer

This reading helps a reader better engage with text as the writer would, including things to look for: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. 

On Text Complexity

An important aspect of being able to read complex text is to have effective literacy skills. This handout outlines how to break codes of written text, and shows how to critically analyze what has been read. 

Reading an Analysis

This handout breaks down how to interpret an analysis using an illustrative graph to show how this can be done. 

Reading and Organizing Reflections

This handout breaks down how to interpret reelections using an illustrative graph. 

Reading Informative Writing

This handout breaks down how to interpret informative text using an illustrative graph. 

Research to Writing

This handout offers questions writers should ask themselves shortly after researching, and prior to writing. The aspects a writer should be aware of include audience, topic, and purpose. 

4 Strategies for Figuring Out

These tips can offer insight into correcting conventional mistakes by utilizing both in-class and out of class activities.