Student Resources - Professional & Workplace Writing

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Personal Statements

10 Tips - Personal Statement
This handout provides tips for writers working on personal statements, helping them to pinpoint common mistakes. 
Personal Statements (Prezi)
This presentation presents questions a writer should consider when writing a personal statement, so they may have a better understanding of what to include. 
A Guide to Personal Statements
This handout describes the necessary components that can be found in a strong personal statement. 
Writing a Personal Statement
This handout outlines the necessary components of crafting a personal statement, including the "do's" and don'ts" of writing a personal statement. 
10 Tips - Law School
This handout provides ten tips to applicants writing a personal statement for law school. 
10 Tips - Med School
This handout provides ten tips to applicants writing a personal statement for medical school.  

Book Reviews

Quick Tips for Cover Letters
This handout offers tips on how to construct a strong cover letter.
Resume Design
This handout provides tips for the aesthetic construction of a resume, focusing primarily on layout versus content. 
Writing a Curriculum Vitae
This handout provides insight into the purpose a Curriculum Vitae (CV) serves, and the components that should be included in one. 

Grant Writing

How to Write a Grant Application
This document goes in depth on the way to write and submit a grant application, including links to supplementary resources that may be necessary.  
Strategic Planning and the Art of Grant Writing
This link list the important topics to cover in a grant proposal, such as: short/long term goals, speaking on the executive director, critiquing staff, ect.
 Writing a Good Grant Proposal
Simon Peyton Jones and Alan Bundy offer their opinion on composing a strong grant proposal. They cover aspects such as how to approach a proposal, major criteria, and list common shortcomings.  
A Guide to Grant Proposals
This handout gives tips for writing a grant proposal. It covers aspects such as formatting, a timeline, and a budget summary.  

Business Correspondence—Email, Memos, and Letters

Memo Writing
This handout provides insight into how to craft a clear and concise memo, showing how to avoid informal elements that are inappropriate.
Tone in Business Writing
This handout gives insight into appropriate tone to be used in business writing, and gives multiple examples for given situations. 

Writing a Basic Business Letter

This handout provides insight on how to write a business letter. 
Professional Email
Using Email on the Job (Handout)
Using Email on the Job (PowerPoint)
This PowerPoint reviews the proper components of composing an on the job email, including aspects such as: audience, tone and etiquette.