Writing Liaisons

What is a Writing Liaison?

As part of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), each Department, College, or School that offers undergraduate degrees will have a designated “Writing Liaison.” A Writing Liaison is a faculty member who facilitates communication between academic programs and the University Writing and Writing Foundations (English 1100 and 1200/2201) programs to ensure that students receive consistent information about writing expectations and writing strategies.

In addition to serving as channels through which faculty in different programs can receive information about and contribute to the QEP, the goal of the Liaisons program is to keep the leadership of the University Writing Program (UWP), Writing Foundations Program (WFP), and the QEP informed about the kinds of writing that students are expected to do in different degree programs and to keep faculty in ECU’s degree programs informed about what goes on in the Writing Foundations and University Writing programs in terms of instructional philosophy, curriculum, tutorial support, and professional development opportunities.

List of Writing Liaisons (Fall 2013)