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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I add Bounty Bucks on the ECU 1 Card?

There are a few ways to add funds to Bounty Bucks:
  • Online here
  • Visit the 1 Card Office located in G-521 Old Cafeteria Complex

How do I add additional funds to the dining account on the ECU 1 Card?

            There are a few ways to add additional funds to the dining account:

  • Visit Dining Services website
  • Call Dining Services at (252) 328-3663
  • Visit Dining Services located on College Hill in Todd Dining Hall

What is a temporary card and how long does it last?

A temporary card lasts for seven days and serves the purpose of acting as a regular ECU 1 Card. You may choose this option if you feel that you may find your original card or if you are not able to replace the card at this time.

Can I get an ECU 1 Card if I am only taking online classes?

Students taking only online classes are eligible to receive an ECU 1 Card. This is the same card as the one issued to students taking campus classes however it will have different privileges associated with the card. In order to obtain the ECU 1 Card, the student would come in to the 1 Card Office with a valid state issued photo id and $10 for the first card fee.

Can I have the fee for a replacement card charged to my account rather than paying in person?

Unfortunately, we are unable to charge any fees related to the ECU 1 Card directly to your main ECU account. However, we accept cash, check, Bounty Bucks, credit or debit cards.

Do I get one free replacement card during my tenure at ECU?

All students and staff members are allowed one free damage replacement during their time at ECU; however, this may only be used if the patron has had their 1 Card for at least one year and brings this card into our office and it is damaged. If you have lost your card, you will be ineligible for the damage replacement.  In addition, if you have not had your card for longer than a year, you will be ineligible to use the damaged replacement.

Can I punch holes in my ECU 1 Card in order to put it on my keychain?

No. We ask that you do not punch any holes in your card because the inside of the card contains a chip which allows you access into buildings. If this chip is damaged due to a hole being punched in it, you will have to pay for a replacement card, regardless of how long you have had it.

What do I do if I think I have lost my 1 Card?

If you realize that you have lost your 1 Card, you can report it lost on the GET site or the GET mobile app. Once you report your card as lost, it will be deactivated so it can not be used. If you find your card, please bring it in to the 1 Card Office to have it reactivated. If you need to purchase a replacement card or temporary card, please visit the 1 Card Office.

If I got a temporary card and then found the original card, why isn’t the original working anymore?

When you come into our office to have a temporary card made, we deactivate that original card because you may only have one active card at a time. In order to get your original card working again, we will be happy to reactivate it. This must be done in our office and will not cost anything.