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The ECU 1 Card is the official photo ID card for East Carolina University.  All students, staff, and faculty need this card whenever they are asked to show university identification.  The ECU 1 Card is worn as an ID badge at the Brody School of Medicine.  While the ECU 1 Card is required for identification purposes, other accounts linked to the card are optional.

Obtaining an ECU 1 Card:

ECU 1Card 2016

Issuance of the ECU 1 Card requires the card holder to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Please be prepared to provide the items listed below based on your university status.

Students | Faculty/Staff | Retirees | Dependents


  • Valid state-issued identification card*
  • Paid Cashier's Office receipt for current semester
  • $10 "first card" fee (Cash, check, and debit/credit cards accepted)
  • ECU ID number**


  • Valid state-issued identification card*
  • Letter of employment verification
  • ECU ID number**


  • Valid state-issued identification card*
  • Notification of retiree status
  • ECU ID number**


  • Valid state-issued identification card*
  • Valid ECU 1 Card of parent or spouse
  • $10 "first card" fee (Cash, check, and debit card accepted)
 *Acceptable forms of ID include a valid driver's license, state-issued ID card, military ID, or passport. 
** Your ECU ID number can be found under the "profile" tab on your Pirate Port web page, or look under "What is my ECU (Banner) ID?" on the "tools" page.

Lost, Stolen or Replacement Cards:

GET Funds LinkFIRST, report your ECU 1 Card lost or stolen
  • Visit the GET site or the GET mobile app.
  • During regular business hours, call the ECU 1 Card Office 252-328-2673.
  • After hours, call the ECU Police Department at 252-328-6787.
SECOND, visit our office to get a temporary or replacement ECU 1 Card

Temporary 1 Card

~good for one week only~
Cost: $1.00

Permanent Replacement
~permanently replaces previous card~
Cost: $15.00

*** We accept cash, check, Bounty Bucks, or debit/credit cards only. ***

 Damaged Cards:
You are responsible for your ECU 1 Card.  Please be careful not to damage the card by puncturing it, placing stickers or tape on it, allowing it to get wet, or exposing it to excessive heat.  Each card contains a prox chip which allows it to provide a variety of functions now, and in the future.  Damaging the card may make it malfunction, and it will need to be replaced at a cost of $15. Cash, check, debit card, credit cards or Bounty Bucks accepted.