Human Resources



Human Resources Consultants in Classification and Compensation are responsible for providing consulting services to our campus community regarding position management, organizational design, position analysis, and competency assessments.  At East Carolina University, we operate under two separate classification and compensation systems for SHRA employees.  The majority of our employees operate under our Career Banding system, while some of our CSS employees operate under the Broad Banding system.  The two classification and compensation systems operate as follows:

Career Banding

Career banding is the North Carolina statewide classification and compensation system for SHRA employees that focuses on demonstrated competencies as required by the business need of the organization.  Employees in the career banded system are assigned a specific classification and level based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for their specific position.  

Each employee in a career banded position is evaluated on the competencies they demonstrate in their position.  Each competency is given a rating of Contributing, Journey, or Advanced.  From these individual competency ratings, an overall competency rating is assigned by the supervisor that reflects the competency level of the employee.  The overall level that is assigned to the employee should not exceed the overall level of the position. 

Broad Banding

Broad banding is a classification and compensation system specific to designated classifications within our CSS areas in the Brody School of Medicine.  This system requires the demonstration of specific knowledge, skills, and abilities, but does not have assigned levels of Contributing, Journey, or Advanced; does not have assigned market reference rates; and does not require a competency assessment.


Classification Action Processes