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Development Programs
This section is focused on your professional and personal development.  Whether you need to take on new challenges, keep on top of developments in your field or enhance your performance at work, undertaking training and development opportunities can help. By making sure you have the right balance of knowledge, skills and behaviors, you can achieve your goals and increase your job satisfaction.


The Department of Human Resources sponsors a number of targeted programs that are aimed at specific audiences or designed for specific job functions and career tracks.  Also, other training and development resources are available through other areas of the University.  In order to effectively utilize these various resources, and decide what development path to take, it is essential for you to take time and think about your needs and make a plan.   The Planning Your Development page can assist you in identifying your needs, formulating a plan, and selecting training and development options which are right for you.  


This site provides beneficial information for employees that are new to East Carolina University.  Learn about New Employee Orientation, and raise your awareness about resources that support new University employees.


Information, courses, and programs to support the development of key competencies and components critical to success for those who manage and supervise employees at ECU. 


Four separate certificate programs exist to enhance critical workplace skills, knowledge and professional development for University employees within his/her respective job function(s).  Each program contains individual courses that are offered at varying times throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.  The courses within each certification were specifically selected to support the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for each work group.  Please click on the link for the Certification Program that you are interested in for information on required courses and registration information.


Recognizing our employees is a priority at East Carolina University.  Employee recognition is more than just praise or reward.  It is a way of motivating employees by endorsing their high quality performance and contributions in a highly visible manner.  Properly recognizing and awarding high quality performance is a key part of the overall employee development process.  ECU Staff Development & Training facilitates a variety of University and State-sponsored recognition programs for our employees.