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In January 1998, the Board of Governors of the UNC system established a policy regarding a specific category of exempt employee, the “Senior Academic and Administrative Officer.”   Academic and administrative officials exempt from the State Human Resources Act (EHRA) are identified either by:
Express statutory reference ("president," vice-presidents" "chancellors," and "vice chancellors"), or 
Action of the Board of Governors pursuant to generic statutory reference (the president's "professional staff members" and "senior academic and administrative officers" of the constituent institutions). 
There are two “tiers” of Senior Academic and Administrative Officer (SAAO) positions:  Tier I and Tier II.  Per UNC policy, Tier I and Tier II positions are required to be appointed "at will," except for coaches.

Tier I SAAO positions include the Chancellor; the Provost; Vice Chancellors; and Deans.
Tier II SAAO positions  include Associate and Assistant Vice Chancellors; Associate and Assistant Deans; and other administrative positions within the University that have been approved by the Board of Governors as Senior Academic and Administrative Officers. 

These positions include:

  • members of the chancellor’s professional staff

  • those responsible for the administrative direction of separately designated divisions or departments of institutional activity commonly associated with higher education (e.g., Director of Alumni Affairs, Director of Development, etc.);

  • those positions whose primary responsibility is to attract external funds and/or to market the university

  • other officers holding positions characterized by active and continuing involvement in formulating, interpreting, and implementing institutional policy AND exercising substantial independence of administrative authority and discretion in areas such as program planning, design, and allocation of resources.

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Position Classification

Listed in the document below titled "Senior Academic and Administrative Officers - Generic Position Descriptions" are positions which a campus may choose to make SAAO without submitting the position to the EHRA Subcommittee of the HR Council for prior approval.  The position must match the position requirements as described.  Except as noted, only one of each position may exist on a campus.  If a campus chooses to designate a position as generic, the EHRA subcommittee of the HR Council shall be notified in writing. 

Senior Academic and Administrative Officers - Generic Position Descriptions

EHRA SAAO Tier I positions are approved by the Board of Governors.  EHRA SAAO Tier II positions are approved by the Division Personnel Administrator and the Chancellor before being reviewed by the UNC Human Resources Advisory Board.  The Human Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) recommends the action approval or denial to the University President, who is the final approving authority. 

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Recruitment and Employment

The Office of EHRA Personnel strives to ensure exceptional customer service in recruitment and staffing activities for candidates and hiring departments.  In collaboration with the Divisions and the Office of Equity and Diversity, we assist with recruitment and employment for EHRA Non-Faculty, EHRA Faculty, and SAAO positions.

For Search Committees and Hiring Officials
     EPA Recruitment Compliance Review Process
     Guidelines for the Use of Search Firms
     Guide for Interviewing an Applicant with Disabilities
     Guidelines for Non-Discriminatory Interviewing
     Table of Comparison of SPA and EPA Positions

For Candidates

The University offers a variety of employment opportunities for Faculty, Professionals, Staff, and temporary positions.  Position vacancies of all types are listed at the link below.  East Carolina University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.  Women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


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Employee Relations for Non-Faculty EHRA and SAAO

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources can assist employees and managers with questions on workplace issues.  For help with questions on workplace issues, managers and/or employees can contact the Office of HR EHRA Administration or their Division personnel administration office. 

Employee Resources Program

From financial pressures to workplace stress and family dealings, life can be challenging.  If you need help with life issues, the East Carolina University Employee Resources Program is available.  The ERP is a confidential counseling and resource program that is designed to help university employees and their families deal with both personal and work-related concerns.  All permanent employees and their dependents are eligible.  The initial consultation is a free service to eligible employees.