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The Service Awards Program is designed to serve as a sign of the Institutions appreciation towards the dedicated service its employees provide to the State of North Carolina and that of the UNC education system throughout their tenure.  Service awards are presented to each eligible employee at milestone dates in their career (every five years) until retirement. Years of service are based on historical data in the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS)

Service Awards are initiated in two phases

1.     The first phase honors each employee with five, ten, fifteen, through twenty five years of State service with a Certificate of Service and a gift given at a departmental ceremony. 

2.     The second phase honors each employee with thirty, thirty five, forty or more years of State service with a Certificate of Service and a gift given during a recognition ceremony and reception hosted by the Chancellor. The University community is invited to join the Chancellor in recognizing the employees' at the celebration ceremony held each year.

Are You Eligible to Receive a Service Award?

Each year, East Carolina University recognizes its employees in the following time allotment, for every five (5) complete years of State service. Those employee's are recognized in the form of a Service Award. It is very important to the Chancellor,  University and State that each eligible employee is appropriately recognized for his/her service to the State North Carolina and this heralded Institution.

Years of eligible service are determined according to the number of full-time years that an employee has contributed to the TSERS or ORP by the end of the previous calendar year.

If an employee has had a break in service or a period where he/she did not contribute to the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System or Optional Retirement Program, that lapsed period would not be applied toward receiving a Service Award.

Service Awards Correction Form

If you believe there is a discrepancy with the number of years of State Service we have indicated or if there is an error with the spelling of your name (official Social Security namesake), please download the linked Service Awards Correction Form and return it to the Department of Human Resources, Attn: Staff Development by Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

Picking Up Your Service Award Gift

Please visit the ECU Dowdy Student Stores in the Wright Building to view your gift options and pick up your gift.  For help locating your gift, visit the Customer Service Desk at the back of the store.  You will need to present your completed gift voucher along with a photo ID to receive your gift.  Please Note:  You must redeem your voucher no later than May 23, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact ECU Human Resources, Staff Development Section, at (252) 328-9896 or hrstaffdevelopment@ecu.edu.