Learning & Organizational Development

Frequently Asked Questions

We have comprised a list of employee's frequently asked questions for Learning and Organizational Development. If you have a question that is not listed below please feel free to contact our department at 252-328-9848 or email us at hrdevelopment@ecu.edu. 
All permanent University employees, which include Faculty, NF-EPA, SPA, and CSS personnel, are eligible to attend training sessions and programs sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development & Training

When a new program or training session is scheduled, an email announcement is sent to all University employees through ECU Official. Also you can search for specific trainings on Cornerstone.

Yes. Prior to your enrollment in any training session, you should have a conversation with your supervisor and obtain approval to attend.

No, employees are not required to use any form of leave balance to attend any training program sponsored by the University.


Certification programs are focused on specific University workgroups geared towards enhancing, identifying, and implementing the critical skills needed to operate within one’s work environment. Certification programs consist of several required workshop sessions. In order to complete the Certification Program, employees must attend each session comprised within the overall program. This format is similar to taking multiple individual courses to complete a degree. Currently, there are four HR-sponsored Certification Programs available to University employees with different requirements: the Supervision Institute, the Administrative Certification Program, the Medical Administrative Certification Program, and the Leave Clerk Certification Program. Please click on each program for detailed information.


1. Review your work duties, career goals, and operational environment and choose the program(s) that would be most beneficial to you.

2. Obtain approval from your supervisor to attend the required sessions.

3. Register for the required sessions at Cornerstone, that comprise the program you wish to complete.

4. Upon completing the required sessions, you will need to take a test and then you will receive a certificate of completion mailed to your office.

Certification Programs must be completed within two (2) years of taking the first course in the program 

You may contact one of HR Coordinators by calling (252) 328-9912 (main line) or email at carrawayc16@ecu.edu  


All requests for consultation services and customized training should be submitted using the Organizational Development Request Form.If you have questions regarding customized trainings, please contact Justin Yeaman at yeamanj16@ecu.edu