Wright Auditorium

Services for Patients with Disabilities


Wheelchairs are available for patients and family members to use while in the ECU Physicians out- patient areas. Please ask patients to request wheelchairs and/or other equipment when scheduling their appointments.

Telecommunications for the Deaf:

A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY) is available for assistance with scheduling appointments and requesting health care information. The ECU Physicians Outpatient Services TTY number is 252-744-3035.

Interpreter Service for the Speech and Hearing-Impaired:

Interpreter service for the speech and hearing- impaired is available by prearrangement only. Please ask patients to request this service when scheduling appointments. Call 252-744-3544 or the TTY number 252-744-3035 for additional information.

Please visit the ECU Physicians web site for more information.