Wright Auditorium

Services for Patients with Disabilities


Wheelchairs are available for patients and family members to use while in the ECU Physicians out- patient areas. Please ask patients to request wheelchairs and/or other equipment when scheduling their appointments.

Telecommunications for the Deaf:

A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY) is available for assistance with scheduling appointments and requesting health care information. The ECU Physicians Outpatient Services TTY number is 252-744-3035.

Interpreter Service for the Speech and Hearing-Impaired:

Interpreter service for the speech and hearing- impaired is available by prearrangement only. Please ask patients to request this service when scheduling appointments. Call 252-744-3544 or the TTY number 252-744-3035 for additional information.

Language Interpreters:

Spanish interpreters are available during service hours to assist Spanish-speaking patients. Although interpreters for other languages are not routinely available, we will make every effort to provide assistance. Please ask patients who do not speak English to request interpreter services when their appointments are scheduled. Call 252-744-3544 for information.

Please visit the ECU Physicians web site for more information.