Our Award-Winning Team

The ECU Internal Audit team won the prestigious North Carolina Internal Audit Award of Excellence in 2012.  Chief Audit Officer Stacie Tronto won the award again in 2017.   

To express its appreciation for excellence in the field of internal auditing, the North Carolina Council of Internal Auditing presents the Internal Auditor Award of Excellence annually to honor a State internal auditor or a group of internal auditors who have made extraordinary contributions that support excellence in internal auditing. This award is presented annually by the North Carolina State Auditor at the Office of State Controller Financial Conference.

Stacie Tronto




Stacie H. Tronto, MBA, CISA, CIA, CFE

Chief Audit Officer / Executive Director   

252.328.9025     trontos@ecu.edu





Wayne B. Poole, MBA, CIA, CISA

Associate Director / Internal Auditor / IT Auditor

252-328-9027     poolew@ecu.edu


Wayne Poole
Amanda Danielson




Amanda B. Danielson, MSA, CIA

Advanced Internal Auditor / Data Analytics

252.328.9026 danielsona@ecu.edu





William P. Kraus, Jr, MBA-CHCM, CPA, CIA, CHC

Advanced Internal Auditor / Healthcare and Research Auditor

252-328-9037    krausw@ecu.edu


William Krauss
Kevin Newman




Kevin H. Newman, CFE

Internal Auditor / IT Auditor and Data Analytics

252-328-9035 newmank@ecu.edu





Sarah von Stein, MSA, CPA

Audit Supervisor

252-328-9028 vonsteins17@ecu.edu


Sara Von Stien
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Kathryn Scarabelli, MSA, CFE

Internal Auditor

252-328-9034  scarabellik@ecu.edu





Richard A. Bingaman, MBA

University Program Specialist

252-328-9096     bingamanr15@ecu.edu  


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Rachel Eker




Rachel M. Eker

Student Intern

252-328-9038 ekerr14@ecu.edu