Board of Trustees | Finance and Facilities Committee

Committee Members

Max Joyner (Chair)
Vern Davenport (Vice Chair)
Edwin Clark
Deborah Davis
Leigh Fanning
Jordan Koonts   
Vince Smith


The Committee's jurisdiction shall include master planning, property acquisition and disposition, site selection, designer selection, building plans, parking and information technology.

The Committee shall maintain for the Board a master plan for the physical development of East Carolina University and advise and assist the Chancellor and submit recommendations to the Board with respect to real property transactions and other capital transactions within the jurisdiction of the Trustees.

The Committee may act for the Board in the selection of architects or engineers for buildings and improvements requiring such professional services and may act for the Board in approving all proposals involving the acquisition or disposition of any interest in real property, provided that said transactions involving interests in real property valued at $50,000 or more are recommended to the Board for its approval and forwarded to the Board of Governors.

Subject to the prior approval of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance is authorized to act on behalf of the Board to approve building plans and specifications and to certify final acceptance of completed buildings and projects.

Supporting Documents
Major Capital Projects