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 Board of Visitors | Member Expectations

The East Carolina University Board of Visitors exists to advance the university's general, educational, research and service missions through focused personal involvement, leadership, advocacy and the active investment of time, talent and resources. The primary expectations for its members are a passion for East Carolina University and a desire to help the university and its constituents and programs succeed.

Members assist the Board of Trustees and the chancellor in maintaining and improving the performance and effectiveness of the university through involvement in developmental initiatives, and by actively building the university's brand recognition. Members are expected to lead by example in contributing their time, talent and financial resources to support university priorities, missions and aspirations, including support for the Board of Visitors Access Scholars Program.

Members are expected to be active ambassadors on behalf of the university in their home communities and in other spheres of influence (e.g., business, church, social and civic groups and the like). Members are selected based on a number of criteria, that may include: skills and experiences; a personal track record of active support of the university; a demonstrated willingness to engage and influence others on behalf of the university, balanced with the board's demographic and geographic representation needs.

Members are elected to serve a two-year term. At the end of the original term, members are eligible for re-election to another two-year term, based on their willingness and ability to continue serving as an active, engaged and contributing member.

Participation in meetings is an important part of board membership. Such meetings provide important updates on university accomplishments, challenges and priorities, and an excellent opportunity for members to bond, collaborate and share ideas and experiences. If, for any reason other than illness or service in the interest of the state or nation, a member fails to attend three successive regular quarterly meetings of the Board of Visitors, his/her place as a member shall be deemed vacant.

Members are expected to actively participate in board initiatives and/or volunteer in some aspect at the university.

Revised - January 4, 2019