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University Budget Task Force

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ECU be laying off any faculty or staff members?

The university will make every effort to avoid layoffs. But too much is unknown at this time to say that layoffs are likely or unlikely. The most critical factor is the state budget. But other elements include such factors as Erskine Bowles’ intention to seek legislation that would allow unpaid furloughs on public university campuses in the state.

What is the difference between a recurring and a non-recurring budget cut?

Another way to look at those terms is permanent and one-time. When the North Carolina General Assembly appropriates funds to ECU, those funds are usually recurring; that is, they become part of the university’s base funding. A non-recurring appropriation would provide funds for only one fiscal year.
Similarly, a non-recurring budget cut is a one-time cut for one fiscal year. A recurring cut repeats every year. UNC President Erskine Bowles is asking the General Assembly to make any budget reduction for the UNC system a non-recurring reduction.

How big is ECU’s budget? Where does the money come from?

For the current fiscal year—July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009—ECU’s budget is about $737  million.  The largest share of that is state appropriations: $273 million. Other sources of income include tuition and fees; patient services (ECU Physicians); and sales and services. 

Where does the money go?

Personnel costs (salaries and benefits) are by far the largest portion of expenses at $454 million. Other large categories are supplies and materials, $85 million; services, $106 million; and scholarships and fellowships, $46 million.

Didn’t the University save a lot of money as result of the PACE initiative?

Yes, ECU was generally recognized as the UNC system leader in PACE results. Click here to find more information about the PACE savings.

How can I suggest a budget cut or a way for the university to make more money?

E-mail suggestions to the office of Steve Duncan, the chair of the Feedback Committee, at waltersk@ecu.edu.