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Housekeepers Award for Excellence

The following Housekeeping Services employees have been recognized with the Housekeepers Award for Excellence. The Housekeepers Award for Excellence Program is designed to recognize, on a semiannual basis, members of the Housekeeping Staff from each of the departmental areas: Academics (to include Student Health Center), Residence Halls (to include the Student Recreation Center and Health Sciences Campus Student Center), and the Health Sciences Campus/School of Medicine.

With the 2007 First Quarter, the categories changed to Service, Leadership, Ambition, and Spirit from the Centennial Award for Excellence program, formerly the Chancellor's Award for Excellence program.

In 2014, the Housekeepers Award for Excellence Program was changed from a quarterly program to semiannual program.

In 2016, the Housekeepers Award for Excellence Program was not conducted.

Refer to the Facilities Services Standard Practice 35-0016 Housekeepers Award for Excellence for more information regarding the award program.

Employee's NameDepartmentYearCategory
Year: 2017
May 2017 recipients:
Jamonte BradleyAcademics2017Spirit
Phyllis HartAcademics2017Spirit
Amanda AndersonResidence Halls2017Spirit
Ronnie BryantHealth Sciences Campus/School of Medicine2017Spirit