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Centralized Collection

Centralized collection is important to the success of recycling at ECU. Thousands of bins are located throughout the university, placed as conveniently as possible inside each building. Recyclable materials are most recoverable and marketable when placed in their proper containers. Please refer to the chart below for tips on how to recycle.

A link to a printable chart is located here. 

ECU Recyclable Materials Sorting Chart

Mixed Paper Includes: Phone books, magazines and glossy paper, shredded paper (bagged), white paper, newspaper, envelopes with plastic windows, etc. Please no cups, food wraps, Styrofoam, or trash. Staples and paper clips are ok. No binder clips or A-clips. No spiral-bound notebooks or 3-ring binders.
Plastic, Glass & Cans Includes: Aluminum cans, plastic bottles labeled #1-7, and glass beverage bottles. Please empty and rinse before recycling. No non-beverage or heat treated, Pyrex, ceramic, or window glass.
Cardboard Boxes Includes: Cardboard boxes and other cardboard materials. No Styrofoam packaging materials, wax/coated or food- contaminated cardboard in this category. Housekeeping will place beside nearest dumpster for pick-up.
Scrap Metal and Wood Includes: All scrap metal, wood, and wood pallets. No Styrofoam, metal crate straps, or heavy duty plastic wrap in this category. No plywood, painted, or salt-treated wood.
Batteries Includes: All batteries. Faculty and staff may contact for pick-up.
Ink/Toner cartridges Includes: All print or toner cartridges. Faculty and staff may contact Central Stores at 328-9941 for pick-up.

2016 Recycling Bins Photo
Contact Information
Terry Little
Recycling Coordinator
East Carolina University
Building 172
Greenville, NC 27858
Ph: 252-328-2892
Fax: 252-328-0782