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Description of Work

The Health Sciences Library is currently occupying approximately 30,000 sf in the Brody Building at the Brody School of Medicine. Allocations in the recently approved Higher Education Facilities Bonds referendum, allow for a new facility up to 75,000 gsf in size, or a significant expansion of the existing space. The library serves a wide constituency that includes students in three schools, students from Pitt Community College, and physicians and residents from Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

The Schools of Allied Health and Nursing are currently located in overcrowded space on the main campus of the University, and through this project now have the opportunity to physically adjoin the Brody School of Medicine. The funds allocated, also through the referendum, allow up to 175,000 gsf of new construction. Preliminary planning calls for significant amounts of office space and general use classrooms. There will be a variety of laboratory space, but only a minority of that will involve Type II or "wet" labs.

These two schools will be brought together in a manner that must facilitate interdisciplinary learning in a highly collaborative environment. It is anticipated that there will be extensive sharing of space to promote this interaction, as well as to yield optimum utilization of that space. The Health Sciences Library will have a key role in creating an environment that is being described as a "Learning Village." East Carolina University is known as a leader in use and innovation in information technology, and that medium will also be applied ubiquitously in the planning of this project.

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