Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services
Dowdy Ficklen Stadium Electrical



University Project Manager
East Carolina University
Nick McKinley
(252) 328-6858
Affiliated Engineers
John Duffy
(919) 419-9802

Description of Work

As we understand the project scope, there are three essential elements.  This includes:

  •          The panel boards inside men’s restroom 14 are to be located just outside the restroom on an existing wall.  Separate metering will be provided for the Pirate’s Club.  The base design will provide for a roof enclosure.  As an add alternate, an electrical closet will be provided.  We envision an unheated, block wall enclosure.
  •          A total of 12 outlet locations (5 on south side and 7 on the north side) will be provided for vending services beneath the stadium.  A combination of double quads and duplex circuiting as determined by ECU.  All new circuiting will include GCFI protection.
  •          A standalone, addressable fire alarm systems will be provided for the ticket office/Pirates Club.  We would expect to use the campus fire alarm standards as the basis of design.