Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services
Electrical Distribution Upgrades East Campus Phase II



University Project Manager
East Carolina University
Robert Still
(252) 328-6858
Booth Associates
William Dorsett
(919) 851-8770

Description of Work

This initial project will provide the second of three phases of Electrical Distribution System upgrades/expansions to support the current/future electrical load projections as identified in the Electrical Distribution Study completed in August 2001. Upgrades are for old, aging switchgear, manholes, duct bank and cables that are in need of replacement to maintain adequate system redundancy . The upgrades are for load additions not limited to the following: Strength & Conditioning Center, Minges Chiller Plant Addition, Science & Technology Building, Science & Technology Chilled Water Plant & Cooling Tower Structure, Air Conditioning of many Residence Halls, Additions to Rivers Building, Renovations to Flanagan Building, Renovations to Old Cafeteria Building and West End Dining Hall.