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Rivers Building Addition


Rivers Building Addition

Rivers Building Addition  

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University Project Manager

 East Carolina University

Mark Myer

(252) 328-6858


Pearce Brinkley Cease & Lee

David Francis

(919) 836-9751

Description of Work

Currently, there are 1,900 students, 100 faculty, and 22 staff served in the existing facility. A 12 % increase in student enrollment is anticipated within five years, and additional faculty and staff will be added as well. This project will include a 3 story addition and partial renovation to the Rivers Building. This expansion will provide additional faculty offices, support spaces and a lecture classroom for the School of Nursing and the School of Environmental Sciences. The Food Lab space will be expanded for the School of Environmental Sciences. The site work will include utility relocation, a new 1,000 linear footage Chilled Water Line from the Central Plant, a Pedestrian Plaza, and associated landscaping.