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Construction for the Next 6 Months 

Wright / Ragsdale / McGinnis - Storm Drain Repairs(Budget: $ 290,000)

Stewart understands that East Carolina University (Client) wishes to contract with Stewart to provide surveying, subsurface utility locating, civil engineering and landscape architecture services to investigate, inventory, analyze and make recommendations for improvements to the existing stormwater drainage lines that navigate through main campus. Our site investigation on October 13 and limited drawings received indicate that there is an existing 12' terra cotta pipe, constructed in the early to mid-1900's, that exists in the area of study that is either undersized, clogged, damaged or failed in some other fashion that has caused flooding in the immediate areas adjacent to the buildings. Our proposal includes the necessary services and project approach to to provide a recommendation to the University on next steps and improvements to be made to avoid future flooding.

Expected Bid:             Winter/Spring 2016

Project Manager:       Michael Talton


Clement Residence Hall Renovations - Phase 2 

Project scope will consist of adding a layer of impact drywall to all floors of the corridors, demolition and disposal of all built-in furniture in the bedrooms, abatement of any remaining asbestos under the furniture , abatement of PCB containing caulk around the windows, refinishing all walls in the bedroom, removing closet doors, creating a cased opening at the closet to add a rod for curtain, removing all carpet in the hallways and bedrooms, installing new VCT in all bedrooms, installing new carpet in all corridors, renovating core of the building to create ADA compliant restrooms, moving the laundry room to the ground floor, expanding the footprint of the 1st floor and reskinning the entire facade of the building.

Expected Bid: December 2016

Project Manager: L.L. Everett 

Jones Galley

Renovation and expansion of "The Galley", a casual dining area located in Jones residence Hall. The project is likely to be executed in 2 phases with the first being expansion of the existing interior space to encompass the existing building exterior roof overhang. This will create approximately 2,000 square feet of additional, usable area. The exterior site plan adjacent to the project will also be considered for limited renovation. The second phase would renovate the entire kitchen ad serving areas ( approximately 7,000 square feet) and expand seating capacity. Before design begins, a study will be completed. 

Expected Bid: September 2016

Project Manager: Michael Talton

Jenkins Fine Art Center - Replace Refurbish Elevators (2) 

This project funds construction for the upgrade / modernization of two Jenkins Art elevators. The design has been completed, This project will upgrade / modernize the existing elevators which are old, outdated and unsupportable by replacing each pumping unit complete with motor, pump, valve, controller, door operator, door hangers, tracks, rollers, related hardware, car operating panel, signal fixtures and refurbishing car interiors. 

Expected Bid: September 2016

Project Manager: Eugene Tashiro 


Biotech Building Elevator Modernization

Modernize two hydraulic elevators consecutively at HSC Biotechnology Building (circa 1989). Include ADA modifications and both lighting & cooling improvements in the elevator machine room to support modern electronic elevator controls. 

Expected Bid: September 2016

Project Manager: Eugene Tashiro 

Student Service Facility - One Stop Shop Building

This facility will create a centralized "one stop shop" for students and parents to access Financial Aid, Registrar, Academic Advising and Support Center, Career Center, Admission and other student services. The approximately 50 to 60 thousand sq. ft. facility will be located at the intersection of 4th and Reade Street and will include a parking deck with approximately 560 spaces. 

Expected Bid: July 2018 "Project Schedule Under Review"

Project Manager: Robert Brown

Joyner Library Roof Replacement

Remove and replace existing single-ply membrane and tapered / flat insulation roof with modified bitumen on light weight insulating concrete substrate.

Expected Bid: June 2016

Project Manager: Michael Talton

Re-line Storm Water Pipe at College Hill & Minges 

Approximately 400 linear feet of stormwater drainage pipe serving College Hill and 640 linear feet of stormwater drainage pipe serving the Minges Coliseum parking lots have failed in various locations due to holes in the pipe and joints separations. The project scope is to re-line the pipe in lieu of replacing it with new piping. This will avoid closing down large areas of heavily used campus roadway and parking lot for repairs. Pipe relining has already successfully been used on campus. 

Expected Bid: Fall 2016

Project Manager: Michael Talton 

Jenkins Fine Art Roof Replacement

This project replaces 12,100 sq. ft. of the 26-year old north and south high roof areas of the Jenkins Art Center with a torched-down modified bitumen roof system.The original EPDM roof has been patched and is now past its life expectancy.

Expected Bid: Winter 2016

Project Manager: Michael Talton

McGinnis, Messick, Speight - Replace CW Serv & Repair HVAC

The project will consist of joining three buildings onto the campus chill water loop and expanding the loop to as far west as Messick. Limited HVAC renovation in Messick and Speight will be included. The existing cooling tower at Speight is to be salvaged.

Expected Bid: March 2017

Project Manager: Bill Chatfield 

Mendenhall Student Center North Side - Replace Steam / Condensate Lines

New steam and condensate services will be installed from the northwest corner of Mendenhall into the center of the building on the north side. Existing abandoned steam and condensate lines that are abandoned will be removed. Extensive pedestrian control and coordination will be required.


Expected Bid: February 2017

Project Manager: Bill Chatfield

Life Science and Biotechnology

A designer for Pre-planning studies has been selected for the proposed new Life Science and Biotechnology Building. Preliminary analysis suggests that the building will need to house teaching and research laboratories, lecture halls, classrooms, faculty and graduate student offices and a small vivarium.


Expected Bid: 2018

Project Manager: Bill Chatfield

Science and Technology - Replace Lab Exhaust Fans 

Purchase and installation of 12 laboratory exhaust fans, 9 new and 3 owner furnished. These fans have exceeded their maximum service life run hours. These fans are critical to the operation of this laboratory research building.

Expected Bid: November 2016

Project Manager: Bill Chatfield


Replace Sectionalizing Switch #10 – Austin Building

Replace existing old switch with owner furnished newswitch. Construct new duct bank and install conductors  from manhole near SS#10 to a manhole on the south side of McGinnis.

Expected Bid: December 2016

Project Manager: Bill Chatfield


Messick & Jenkins Art - Replace Transformers (Budget $110,000)

This project funds replacing the existing 500kVA transformer serving Messick Building and the existing 500kVA transformer serving Jenkins Art Building.


Expected Bid: December 2016

Project Manager: Nick McKinley

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Updated: 03/28/2016