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  Construction for the next 6 Months

Contact Project Managers below at 252-328-6858

Bloxton House Roof Repairs:  The Bloxton House currently has single ply roofing, and will be replaced with modified bitumen over tapered insulation.  The total square footage of the roof is approximately 2,442 sf. 

Expected Bid:          May 2014            

Project Manager:    Michael Talton



Master Plan Phase II:  This project (collection of smaller projects) will bid before December 2014.  Scope is currently being established, but could include work on Founders Way, Student Plaza Drive, Lighting on the Mall, and Bus Shelters.

Founders Way- Design only

Student Plaza Drive- Expected Bid: April 2014

Mall Lighting- Expected Bid : May 2014

Bus Shelters- Expected Bid: May 2014

Project Manager:    Michael Talton


Erwin & HSC Generator Buildings (Roof Replacements):Replace existing roofs at Erwin Building on Main Campus (7,320 Sf roof area) and HSC Generator Switchgear building (2,240 Sf roof area). Est Bid date: Mar 20, 2014.


Expected Bid:          March 2014            

Project Manager:    Eugene Tashiro


Replacement Steam to Rawl and Austin Buildings (Budget: $1,025,000)

Scope includes the installation of new steam and condensate lines to re-feed Rawl & Austin Buildings as the existing lines have partially failed.  This same steam line also feeds Speight & Rivers Buildings, further down steam.  Existing failing steam line comes from Bate.  Replacement lines will feed from an existing Science & Technology steam manhole.  Above buildings will be without steam for summer months.  Project will be completed mostly over the Summer 2014 to limit disruption to campus operations.


Expected Bid:          April 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Still


Replacement Condensate & Electrical Utilities along Greenmill Run (Budget: $1,450,000)

Scope includes the clearing of a 50' wide wooded utility corridor from 14th Street to the south side of the Greenmill Run Utility Bridge (near 10th Street); installation of a replacement electrical ductbank and 2 medium voltage electrical distribution circuits serving main campus; installation of a replacement condensate line serving main campus.  Project also includes installation of 1 additional medium voltage electrical distribution circuit, in an existing ductbank system down College Hill Drive to 10th Street, to provide full power to main campus while the replacement circuits at Greenmill Run are installed.  Project will be started Summer of 2014 and continue through Summer into Fall 2014.


Expected Bid:          April 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Still


HSC Steam Distribution Upgrades – Phase 2 (Budget: $500,000)

Scope includes the second phase of the HSC Steam Upgrades project from steam MH-1 to steam MH-6, which serves Warren Life Science Building (WLSB) and East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI).  Project will include installation of temporary steam piping to keep above buildings ON-LINE for duration of project.  Project should start and be completed over the Summer 2014.


Expected Bid:          May 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Still


Replacement HSC Chiller #5 (Budget: $650,000)

Scope includes the removal and replacement of Chiller #5 at the Health Science Campus Central Utility Plant (HSC CUP).  Scope includes some piping and electrical upgrades to facilitate installation and improved operations of the Chilled Water system.  Work will be completed over the Winter months of 2014-2015.


Expected Bid:          May 2014

Project Manager:    Robert Still


Replacement HSC Cooling Towers – Phase 1 (Budget: $1,550,000)

Scope for Phase 1 of this project includes the removal of 4 existing, 850 ton cooling tower cells and installation of 3 new 1500 ton cooling tower cells using same or smaller footprint as existing towers.  Project also includes the installation of a second 2500 kVA, 480 V. electrical transformer and service to a new 4000 amp, 480/277V switchboard MSBB inside existing plant.  Installation is primarily intended for 480 V. system redundancy but is also for additional capacity for pumps & fans for future loads.  New service at switchboard MSBB will connect back to existing service at switchboard MSBA through a tie-breaker.


Expected Bid:         September 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Still


Minges/HHP Fire Alarm System Upgrade:

Replacement of the existing fire alarm annunciation devices (horn/strobes) in the Minges Gym and HHP buildings with new Emergency Voice Alarm Communication (EVAC)speaker/strobe units per current local and State of North Carolina building code requirements for this type facility.Estimate $400,000


Expected Bid: May 2014             

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


ECU Transit Operations Facility – Coach Bus Utility Building

Construction of a 23' high x 75' x 30' wash building with 12" block walls, 6" split face veneer on 6" concrete slab complete with 16'x14' roll-up door,trench drain to oil seperator,water treatment system and lavatory connection to sanitary sewer. Estimate $425,000.


Expected Bid:         May 2014            

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


Brody Building Emergency Power Upgrade (Phase I)

Replacement of the an existing 350 kW generator with an 800 kW unit that meets the Environmental Protection Agency Tier IV Emissions standards for system operation in          "Peak Curtailment Mode"; Modification of an existing 600 kW generator o meet these same emission standards. Estimate $ 500,000


Expected Bid:          June 2014             

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


Replace Sectionalizing Switches # SS 23, SS # 24 & SS # 29

Replacement of three deteriorated air-break pad-mounted 15kV class sectionalizing switches with SF6-insulated switches. Estimate $260,000


Expected Bid:         March 2014         

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


Replace Jenkins Art Building Emergency Generator and ATS, (41336/320):

Replace existing outdated 15kW emergency generator, emergency panel and automatic transfer switch with a 30kW generator,two-100A aotomatic transfer switches and two electrical  panels(one emergency panel and one standby panel). Existing building circuits will be seperated into emergency and standby loads and fed from the emergency and standby panels to meet current code.Estimate $70,000


Expected Bid:          April 2014            

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


Warren Life Sciences Fire Alarm System (41236/320), SCO ID # 13-10235-01A

Replacement and upgrade of the existing fire alarm system throughout the Warren Life Sciences Building.As much practicable, the existing concealed conduits will be reused to  minimize the use of exposed raceways.Estimate $335,000


Expected Bid:          March 2014         

Project Manager:    Nicholas McKinley


ECU Neurosurgery and Spine Center - Building Envelop Repairs

Budget$650,000 to $750,000

Over the years the Neurosurgery and Spine Center building has begun to experience leaks through outside walls, internal gutters and windows. This project would repair these leaks through replacement of masonry flashings and repairs to masonry, replacement of exterior windows and repairs and modifications to the building's internal gutter system. Repairs to the interior of exterior building walls will be required as well.


Expected Bid:       March 2014         

Project Manager: Robert Brown


Minges Scoreboard Replacement

The project will provide upgrades to the Audio and Video Systems within the Williams Arena at Minges Coliseum. The scope of the project includes the following:

a. The removal of existing corner score-boards and video-boards and the installation of new LED video-boards consisting of one 16 foot wide by 9 foot high panel and one 16 foot wide by 5 foot high panel.

b. Remove existing televisions located throughout the upper seating areas and Concourse level and replace with new flat panel televisions.

c. Provide new fiber-optic connections between the main Video Control Room located at the South- East end of Dowdy-Ficklen stadium; minges Coliseum; the Murphy Center; and Club Level at the north side of Dowdy-Ficklen Staduim.

d. Provide new equipment systems for improved audio, video, and music recording and playback performance.

e. Redesign existing glass guardrails at the end of the lower aisles to improve the visual line-of-sight from seating to the court.

Expected Bid: April 2014

Project Manager: Gina Shoemaker