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Jones Galley

Renovation and expansion of "The Galley", a casual dining area located in Jones residence Hall. The project is likely to be executed in 2 phases with the first being expansion of the existing interior space to encompass the existing building exterior roof overhang. This will create approximately 2,000 square feet of additional, usable area. The exterior site plan adjacent to the project will also be considered for limited renovation. The second phase would renovate the entire kitchen ad serving areas ( approximately 7,000 square feet) and expand seating capacity. Before design begins, a study will be completed.

Expected Bid: Sept. 2017

Project Manager: Michael Talton

Student Service Facility - One Stop Shop Building                                                                               

This facility will create a centralized "one stop shop" for students and parents to access Financial Aid, Registrar, Academic Advising and Support Center, Career Center, Admission and other student services. The approximately 50 to 60 thousand sq. ft. facility will be located at the intersection of 4th and Reade Street and will include a parking deck with approximately 560 spaces.

Expected Bid: July 2018 "Project Schedule Under Review"

Project Manager: Robert Brown


Re-line Storm Water Pipe at College Hill & Minges

Approximately 400 linear feet of stormwater drainage pipe serving College Hill and 640 linear feet of stormwater drainage pipe serving the Minges Coliseum parking lots have failed in various locations due to holes in the pipe and joints separations. The project scope is to re-line the pipe in lieu of replacing it with new piping. This will avoid closing down large areas of heavily used campus roadway and parking lot for repairs. Pipe relining has already successfully been used on campus.

Expected Bid: Winter 2017

Project Manager: Michael Talton


Life Science and Biotechnology                                                                                                            

A designer for Pre-planning studies has been selected for the proposed new Life Science and Biotechnology Building. Preliminary analysis suggests that the building will need to house teaching and research laboratories, lecture halls, classrooms, faculty and graduate student offices and a small vivarium.

Expected Bid: 2019

Project Manager: Robert Brown


Transit Improvements                                                                                                                          

Transit will be constructing a new pre-engineered metal building to house a wash bay for the universities bus fleet. The building is approximately 6,000 sqft and will include associated site work, concrete and utilities. As part of this project the existing maintenance facility will be converted to accommodate the maintenance of CNG fueled vehicles. Specific changes required include installation of a direct connect exhaust system, addition of a gas detection system, installation of low intensity gas fired heaters and additional exhaust fans. With these changes and the strategic change in fuel source, the current facility will be brought into compliance with all safety regulations for CNG facilities.

Expected bid: Winter 2017

Project Manager: L.L. Everett


Mendenhall Kitchen Renovation 

The dining area in Mendenhall Student Center is being eliminated with the construction of the new Student Center. The University catering services will remain in Mendenhall. The food court space as well as the existing kitchen need to be remodeled to serve the catering needs as well as to create offices for catering staff.

Expected Bid: December 2017

Project Manager: Gina Shoemaker


Uptown 209

Project is renovation of 209 E. 5th Street for ECU tenants. Total SF available is approximately 13,430 of which just over 9,600 will be renovated under current program thinking. There are changes in discussion that may cause the balance of the SF to be developed for another tenant. Total project budget is not defined as yet. However,design, and testing are ready to get under way.

1. The following Departments will relocate from the Greenville Center (and EH&S) into 209 E 5th Street, Greenville following renovations. Economic Development Technology Transfer Grants Administration Sponsored Programs NC Biotechnology Center (a leased space Scott Buck has more detail on that) Current plans include relocation of EH&S as well

2. Project Status and Schedule Design and construction should complete late next fall. We are reviewing the schedule now and will provide an update when the timeline is finalized.

On July 29th, 2016 the UNC Board of Governors approved this project. Code-Item 41636-301, SCO ID# 15956, CarryForward Funds, OC-25 indicates:Renovation of existing 2 story building constructed in 1915. Purpose is to create office space for the ECU Division of Research, Economic Development and Engagement. Total gross building area is approximately 14,556 sf, and approximate net area is 13,590 sf. 8/31/16 design short listing

Expected Bid: July 2017

Project Manager: Michael Talton


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Updated: 7/14/2017